Natural Gas Burners – Gas Burner TubesNatural Gas Burners – Gas Burner Tubes - These natural gas burners control the gas as it enters the gas burner tubes. The gas burner tubes have little holes which control the amount of gas that exits the top of the gas burner tubes. The black pipe running out of the gas valve is the manifold. Where the gas burner tubes are connected to the manifold are little precisely drilled holes inside of brass inserts. The precisely drilled holes are engineered specifically for natural gas. The size of the holes plus the pressure in the manifold determines how much natural gas enters the gas burner tubes.

Natural Gas Burners – Gas Burner Tubes

The size of the holes in the brass inserts will be different from propane gas to natural gas. The size will also be different depending on the rated BTU output of equipment whether it be a hot water heater, boiler, or furnace. On startup of the equipment when it is installed a technician should adjust the pressure on the manifold so the rated amount of gas enters the gas burner tubes. This ensures, as long as all other parts are functioning properly, that the combustion process works as engineered and the gas delivered to the combustion chamber is burned properly. That is important and a part of the efficiency of the gas burning system.

A part of regular gas furnace maintenance is to ensure the burners are clean and not rusted out. In some cases, insects such as spiders can plug up burners causing them to not fire properly or even cause the furnace to malfunction altogether. Gas burners that are installed very close to the floor especially in basements are subject to flooding if the basement floods. This too can cause serious issues with rust and corrosion of the burners and burner tray. Regular maintenance by a qualified technician can find and/or fix any potential problems can cause malfunctions or even a dangerous situation.

Natural Gas Burners – Gas Burner Tubes

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Natural Gas Burners – Gas Burner Tubes

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