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Buderus GB142 Boiler Reviews - The Buderus GB142 Wall Hung Boiler is gas-fired and can be retrofitted for propane from natural gas. The Buderus GB142 gas-fired boiler also takes traditional North American boilers and gives them a European look and feel to boiler installation and design. The Buderus GB142 offers efficiency up to 94% AFUE, which is close to the maximum efficiency you can get from any gas-fired appliance.

Both the European look and the efficiency make this boiler a good buy. Firstly, in Europe, many of the boilers are hung on the wall, and this saves space, and secondly, the high-efficiency rating makes for a lower gas bill.

Buderus GB142 Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Taken on a point to point basis from the Buderus literature here are the reviews of each bullet point:

  • 94% AFUE efficiency - this is very good. Nearly the highest in the industry.
  • Whisper Quiet with a fully enclosed housing - obviously, this is good unless you like an appliance in your home that is noisy


Buderus GB142 Boiler AFUE Rating

Buderus GB142 Boiler Consumer RatingsAdditional Features

  • Direct Vent and Sealed Combustion Options - This is because the Buderus GB142 gas boiler is a condensing boiler and has the option of pulling all the combustion air from outside the structure which is a good thing for home pressurization and also for the humidity in the home in the winter.
  • Simple Installation with a Pre-piped Boiler Manifold - this option saves you money on installation. A factory-made manifold means the near boiler piping is already pre-made when the boiler arrives on-site, so all the boiler installation technician has to do is attach the existing boiler piping to the new boiler which is hung on the wall.
  • Outdoor Reset Module Included with Boiler Purchase - What is a reset control? Reset control is a way to save money and only run the boiler to the temperature needed based on outside air temperature. For example - if the outside air temperature is -20 degrees F. then the boiler set point will be 185 degrees F. If the outside air temperature was 20 degrees F. then the maximum boiler setpoint for the temperature of the water will be set to 150 degrees F. This makes the boiler work on demand based on outside air temperature and saves you money while keeping you comfortable.
  • 4 Models with inputs from 84,800 to 214,800 BTUh - this gives you a range to select from for sizing purposes. Hopefully, the size Buderus produces for the GB142 will fall within the range that you need for a boiler.

Buderus GB142 Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Additional Information

Buderus also claims this is the fastest installed boiler in the industry. That is possibly true, but I would say it depends on each specific location and structure. Every installation is different with different requirements, but looking at everything Buderus has done here, I can see how they can claim this will be a fast install.

The overall rating of this boiler is 4.5 out of 5. Vote on the Buderus GB142 Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler if you own it and let every know if you are satisfied with it. Here is a look at the internal components of the GB-142 condensing boiler.

Buderus GB142 Internal Components

Buderus GB142 Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - About Buderus

Buderus is German company that has been in business for 275 years producing hot water boilers and other boiler related accessories. Buderus was recently purchased by ITT which is an umbrella company for several major brands across many industries including HVAC systems. ITT is the parent company of Buderus among many other popular brands inside and outside of the HVAC industry.

For more information on Buderus and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Buderus website.**

Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Buderus GB142 Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

*For all efficiency ratings please visit the AHRI website database for manufacturers certification for efficiency for a specific model number appliance. AHRI is the certifying and testing agency responsible for the efficiency ratings with the HVAC industry.

**Since ITT purchased Buderus specific information for specific Buderus boilers is not available directly from the manufacturers website.