Dunkirk Boiler Reviews Consumer RatingsDunkirk Boiler Reviews Consumer Ratings - Dunkirk offers several hot water boilers from wall mounted boilers to cast iron boilers and they even have a boiler for light commercial applications. Wall mounted boilers are typically condensing boilers that off high efficiency and do not take up much floor space as they are wall mounted. Wall mounted boilers, provided they are controlled properly, can be used as singles, doubles, or even more boilers hooked in series to cycle on and off based on demand and other factors including boiler maintenance. Actually, most boiler systems can be used in series with other boilers for demand factors or to have a spare standby boiler for maintenance or emergency reason.

Dunkirk Boiler Reviews Consumer Ratings

Dunkirk offers atmospheric boilers as well as condensing boilers that can pull in outside air for combustion air so you don’t consume air from the house or where ever it is installed. Efficiency ratings for Dunkirk boilers range from the minimum required by DOE, 80 AFUE, all the way up to their most efficient boiler which is 95% AFUE. Their most efficient boiler is the wall mounted Helix VLT model with modulation firing rates that is a condensing boiler. The Helix VLT is also Energy Star rated for those seeking high efficiency along with the possible tax and utility credits that may be available for the Energy Star rating.


Dunkirk Boiler Top AFUE Ratings

Select Features | Dunkirk Boiler Reviews Consumer Ratings

Various features and components of select Dunkirk boilers include:

  • Special boiler controller when connecting boilers together for multiple boiler installations. This feature gives you better control than doing the old-fashioned way. The controller will cycle the boilers on and off based on demand and rotate the boiler lead so you get an even amount of runtime for all the boilers. The controller gives you many options for controlling several boilers from a cascading control to having a dedicated boiler for domestic hot water.
  • Built-in primary and secondary piping for select boilers
  • Low maintenance features on select Dunkirk boilers
  • Built-in low water cutoff for select Dunkirk boilers. This feature is important for boiler safety. A boiler should never fire with low water and Dunkirk takes care of this by building one into select boilers. Other boiler manufacturers provide a separate low water cutoff that is installed when the boiler is installed. A low water cutoff is also in the mechanical code for boilers.
  • Intermittent Direct Spark Ignition that lights the main burners directly rather than using a pilot light.
  • A 5:1 combustion turndown ratio for select boilers. This means it modulates the firing rate based on demand. There are 16-stages of modulation giving you a wide modulation rate for better efficiency. This feature is listed for Helix VLT boiler.
  • Some Dunkirk boilers come with an outdoor air temperature reset control for added efficiency.

Additional Products/Features | Dunkirk Boiler Reviews Consumer Ratings

In addition to offering boilers, Dunkirk also makes a full line of indirect fired water heaters. Basically, an indirect fired water heater is a storage tank to hold hot water that supplied from the boiler. Typically, the domestic hot water use from a boiler has priority over the heating. This is so when you want to take a shower or wash dishes you get hot water supplied from the boiler. The boiler stops delivering hot water for heat and delivers it for domestic hot water purposes. With an indirect fired water heater tank, you can have both heating and domestic hot water at the same time with no interruptions of service for either.

Warranties | Dunkirk Boiler Reviews Consumer Ratings

Dunkirk has a warranty for their boilers are unlike any other warranties I have seen. This is not a good thing or a bad thing. It simply is different than what other manufacturers offer. Always read the warranty and understand what you are buying and when you are buying any product you are also buying the warranty. For the higher end models or premium models, we always recommend you purchase a labor warranty also that goes along with the parts warranty if they offer it.

And always remember the requirements for the warranty especially the registration of the equipment within the specified time after installation. A manufacturer that is confident in their product will offer a good warranty. The contractor should also give you a workmanship guarantee on their work for installing the boiler.

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Dunkirk Boiler Reviews Consumer Ratings

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