Slant Fin Boiler Reviews | Consumer RatingsSlant Fin Boiler Reviews - Slant Fin offers boilers with efficiency ranges from 82% AFUE to 95% AFUE for the Slant Fin line-up of gas-fired boilers for residential heating applications. Slant Fin also offers a full line of oil-fired boilers, electric boilers, radiant heating products such as baseboards, radiant tubing, manifolds and headers, fittings, couplings, and adapters, electro-mechanical controls for radiant heating, and electronic controls for hydronics heating applications.

Slant Fin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Various features of selected Slant Fin boilers include:

  • Automatic vent dampers on natural draft boilers on selected Slant Fin boilers
  • Low profile boiler models available for boiler installation in tight spaces on selected Slant Fin boilers
  • Standing pilot and electronic ignition models available on selected Slant Fin boilers
  • Domestic hot water abilities for Slant Fin boilers
  • High efficiency condensing gas boilers available on selected Slant Fin boilers
  • Selected Slant Fin boilers can be wall hung or floor mounted

The top of the line Slant Fin boiler is a 95% AFUE modulating gas fired hot water boiler that has built-in digital controls and a stainless steel heat exchanger to prevent the corrosive effects the gas combustion process. This boiler can use PVC, CPVC, or stainless steel venting up to 100 feet and is considered low-temperature venting because the boiler utilizes a lot of the heat produced by the gas combustion process. This is what make condensing furnaces and boilers more efficiency than other non-condensing furnaces and boilers. A condensing furnace or boiler has two heat exchangers. A primary heat exchanger where most of the usable is used for main heating and a secondary heat exchanger where any other usable heat is used for heating before the combustion gases are vented outside.

Slant Fin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - About Slant Fin

Slant Fin boilers are based out of Greenvale, New York, and Slant Fin has offices in Ontario, Canada.

For more information on Slant Fin and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Slant Fin website.

Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Slant Fin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

*For all efficiency ratings please visit the AHRI website database for manufacturers certification for efficiency for a specific model number appliance. AHRI is the certifying and testing agency responsible for the efficiency ratings with the HVAC industry.

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