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Buderus Boiler Reviews - Buderus offers hot water boilers with efficiency ranges from 81.5% AFUE to 95% AFUE* for both Buderus gas-fired boilers, and Buderus oil fired boilers. Selected Buderus hot water boilers can also use PVC venting on selected hot water boiler systems. PVC pipe venting is typically for condensing furnace and boilers where the flue temperatures are low.

Condensing boilers can also use 100% outside air for combustion air, so no air is used from inside the structure for combustion air. That eliminates pressure issues related to furnaces and boilers that use indoor air for combustion air.

Buderus Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Selected features of various Buderus hot water boilers are:

  • Stainless Steel corrosion resistant burners
  • Selected Buderus hot water boilers come with either standing pilot or electronic ignition
  • Quality cast iron in selected Buderus hot water boilers
  • Unique Buderus hot water boiler Logamatic controls available as an option on Buderus hot water boilers


Buderus Gas Boiler Top AFUE Rating (up to)

What is an Outdoor Reset Control?

An outdoor reset control is a device that changes the setpoint on your boiler based on the outside air temperature. It has been tested extensively and is a proven method of reducing energy consumption therefore saving on energy costs. In some regions, if you have an outdoor reset control, you qualify for energy and tax credits/rebates.

Buderus Sectional Cast Iron Boilers

The boiler comes in sections and assembled on location. Depending on the number of sections in the boiler will depend on the BTU/h output of the boiler. Here is an example of a section. Some boilers will have a few sections, while other boilers will have multiple sections. It will depend on the amount of BTU/h’s needed to heat the structure. That is calculated using Manual J.

Buderus Sectional cast Iron Boiler

Buderus Boiler Model Comparison Guide

Buderus Non-Condensing Boilers Model Comparison Guide
ModelEfficiencyFuelBTU/h Ranges for Sizing
Buderus GC14485% AFUE efficiencyGasInput 74,000 to 132,500 BTU/Hr
Buderus G234X85% AFUE efficiencyGasInput 60,000 to 266,000 BTU/Hr
Buderus G115WS87% AFUE efficiencyOilOutputs from 134 MBH to 294 MBH
Buderus G21587% AFUE efficiencyOilOutputs from 134 MBH to 294 MBH
Buderus Condensing Boilers Model Comparison Guide
Buderus SSBEfficiency levels up to 96%Gas 85,300 to 255,000 BTU/h Max Input
Buderus GB162Efficiency up to 93% AFUEGas260,000 btu/h to 282,000 btu/h Output
Buderus Boiler Model Comparison Guide

Buyer’s Guide | Buderus Boiler Reviews

In the case of boilers, you have a few options for contractors. In some regions, plumbers install and service boilers. In other regions, HVAC companies install and service boilers. Finally, in some regions, both plumbers and HVAC contractors install and service boilers. Therefore, in some areas, you will have limited options for companies competing for your business, while in other areas, it will be highly competitive.

The key for you is to find the most competent, qualified, and reliable contractor who does quality work. Installation of a new HVAC system, whether it is a boiler or air conditioner, is the most important part of the whole purchase experience.

If you get a bad installation, the boiler will not operate properly. Nor will it give you the rated efficiency. It can turn into a very negative experience for you and cost you a lot of money. Whereas, if the installation is completed properly, it will be something you rarely think of, whether it is running or sitting idle. It will be a worry-free appliance that provides comfort for you.

That is peace of mind, and that is what you will get for getting a competent and reliable company to do the installation work. Try reading our HVAC Consumer Buyer’s Guide for some help. It was mainly written for air conditioners and heat pumps, but some of it is still applicable to boiler installations.

About Buderus

Buderus is a German company that has been in business for 275 years producing hot water boilers and other boiler related accessories. Buderus was recently purchased by ITT, which is an umbrella company for several major brands across many industries, including HVAC systems. ITT is the parent company of Buderus, among many other famous brands inside and outside of the HVAC industry.

For a technical review of a specific Buderus boiler, please email us and we will do a technical review on the particular Buderus boiler you are considering to purchase.

For more information on Buderus and their latest models and efficiency ratings, please visit the Buderus website.**

Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Buderus Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

*For all efficiency ratings please visit the AHRI website database for manufacturers certification for efficiency for a specific model number appliance. AHRI is the certifying and testing agency responsible for the efficiency ratings with the HVAC industry.

**Since ITT purchased Buderus, specific information for specific Buderus boilers is not available directly from the manufacturer’s website.