Wireless WiFi Smart Thermostats - The future of wireless thermostat has already arrived as there are a handful of wireless thermostats available on the market now. These are the forefathers of wireless thermostats and offer basic functions that the average  wired programmable thermostat has to offer that are currently available on the market. As we progress and the thermostat manufacturers tweak and improve on their thermostats the thermostats will grow far more complex than the wireless thermostats offered today. This new breed of wireless thermostat is a far cry from the once state of the art thermostats that offered touch screens and adaptive recovery features that the current breed of thermostat offers. As we move into the future we see new features and options that will offer us more control, monitoring, and energy savings. All the manufacturers have something in the pipeline for wireless thermostats including Venstar, Emerson (White-Rodgers) and Honeywell to name a few thermostat manufacturers.

Wireless WiFi Smart Thermostats - Wireless Thermostat Types

wireless wifi smart thermostats
There are wireless thermostats that do not require a wired connection from the air handler to the thermostat. These types of wireless thermostats offer communication between the thermostat and the air handler in cases where the old wire is not good or in a new house where the wireless thermostat was installed sans the wiring between the air handler (or other HVAC equipment such as a boiler). These wireless thermostats offer basic control and a quick solution when the thermostat wiring is difficult to run or when the homeowner chooses not to run new thermostat wiring when the old thermostat wire goes bad for whatever reason.

Smart Wireless Thermostats

There are other smart wireless thermostats that offer you a connection to the internet where you can actually surf the internet through the thermostat. A good example of this is the SilverPac WiFi thermostat list here in the thermostat category pages. This thermostat is good but is it absolutely practical for remote monitoring and control for your HVAC equipment? The SilverPac Wifi thermostat is good in the traditional sense of thermostats and home control and monitoring of your HVAC equipment and even energy usage, however, you have to be home to change the temperature so yes it is a good advanced thermostat but again you can only monitor and control your energy usage and HVAC equipment if you are at home. There is a solution that can give you remote monitoring and control from any location in the world where you have a connection to the internet.

The Honeywell Redlink Gateway WiFi Thermostat System

The Honeywell Redlink system allows one to connect wirelessly to their HVAC system from any location where you have an internet connection. This can be an absolute lifesaver to those people who have second homes or travel extensively for their work. You can check the temperature of your house to make sure those pipes aren’t going to freeze or adjust the temperature remotely for any reason. Use your smartphone or a computer to login to your RedLink account and see how things with your HVAC equipment or change the temperature.

The Honeywell Redlink Gateway is compatible with the Prestige line of thermostats and is only available for purchase through an HVAC contractor so the Honeywell Redlink WiFi thermostat is professionally installed so you can be assured of a good problem free installation.

WiFi Smart Thermostats Future

In the future, there will be combined thermostats such as the Honeywell Redlink and the SilverPac WiFi thermostats where you can remotely monitor and control not only your HVAC system but other appliances in the home. You will be able to tell exactly home much energy you’re using including gas, electric and possibly even water. You will be able to connect to your water heater, refrigerator, range, and other appliances. All this information will be displayed in the graph for your perusal and by monitoring these appliances you can change some habits and make simple changes to save energy without sacrificing comfort. It may also be possible to get trouble codes so if you have a problem with the appliance a technician can see what is going so he can make sure he has the appropriate parts on the service truck  for a quick repair.

These features described here are just around the corner. There are a few thermostats that have a mix match of the features described here but no one has combined all the features into one system. If it can be conceived it is probably just around the corner so in the near future we can probably have the dream thermostat with all the features described here. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the Honeywell Redlink system.

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Wireless WiFi Smart Thermostats

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