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Successful Thermostat Installation Advice – High Performance HVAC wants you to be successful at the installation of your new thermostat so we ask that you read the pages here at High Performance HVAC carefully before you attempt to install your new thermostat. If necessary study the installation guides before trying to install your new thermostat to make sure you can install the new thermostat without any hitches.

Again we sincerely care about the success you have at installing your new thermostat so please read carefully and follow all instructions. We are confident that if you follow all the instructions, including the manufacturers and our thermostat installation pages here you can join the thousands of other people who have used High Performance HVAC Guides to correctly install a new device and enjoy the savings a new programmable thermostat can save you on energy use.

Successful Thermostat Installation Advice | HVAC Installation Advice

Successful Thermostat Installation Advice – High Performance HVAC wants to urge you to always follow the manufacturer’s advice in the installation guide as the manufacturer has the last word for guidance in installing their thermostat.

Sometimes the installation guides can be a little confusing however most manufacturers have a toll-free number that you can call if you need help and get into trouble and we urge you to take advantage of this helpline if it is needed.

We sincerely hope that our guide is comprehensive and we have taken great strides to ensure it is comprehensive however if you get into trouble do not hesitate to call the toll-free number which most thermostat manufacturers have for their thermostat and thermostat installation advice.

Successful Thermostat Installation Advice - Conclusion and Checklist

Finally, this is not rocket science and many people successfully install their own thermostat without any problems. High Performance HVAC has literally helped tens of thousands of people successfully install their own thermostat and we hope you will find the same success.

However, there are a few who do not successfully accomplish installing their own thermostat and end up calling an HVAC contractor to finish the job or fix something because the person did not follow either the manufacturer’s instructions or the instructions here in the guide. It happens but we want you to be prepared as a last resort that you may have to call a professional to finish the thermostat installation if you miss something like not reading the instructions as we recommend here in this guide.

We do have a disclaimer that you agreed to upon the purchase of the guide that specifically states, “If you choose to use this information for the repair or maintenance of any equipment you do so at your own risk. By using this information you indemnify us for any claims caused by you. By using this guide user assumes all risk of use, damage, or injury and you agree that High Performance HVAC has no liability for damages”. And we digress as our lawyers made us place those statements in the guide for those sue happy people.

Follow the instructions and you should have no problems and if you do have problems then call the toll-free number most thermostat manufacturers provide in the thermostat installation instructions and if you are still lost call a professional. We can’t get any plainer than that and wish you luck!

Successful Thermostat Installation Advice – Basic Checklist for a Successful New Thermostat Installation

  1. Read this guide carefully and study it if necessary.
  2. Study the new thermostat and new thermostat manufacturers guide before installing the new thermostat.
  3. Always make sure you selected the proper thermostat for the HVAC equipment you have.
  4. Study the old thermostat and thermostat wiring before installing the new thermostat.
  5. Write down all wiring of the old thermostat including the wire colors and terminal designations where the wires are terminated.
  6. Always make sure you have the correct tools as listed in our tool lists before you attempt to install a new thermostat.
  7. Always make sure you have correct materials before trying to install the new thermostat. We provide a basic list of possible materials you may or may not need when installing a new thermostat.
  8. Always turn the power off to all units before doing anything including attempting to change the thermostat. The thermostat installation we are describing here are low voltage thermostat and you will likely not be harmed by touching a live wire with 24 volts however for safety reasons and to avoid damaging the HVAC equipment or the thermostat(s) you NEED to TURN the POWER OFF to all the HVAC equipment including the condenser and the air handler or gas furnace.

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Successful Thermostat Installation Advice