SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat - This thermostat is sure to save you some money in energy costs if you can get over the initial retail cost which is currently unavailable. Taking it a step further you can make some control changes to your appliances and hook them up to this thermostat so you can program on and off schedules for the appliances. We’re not talking about just your air conditioning and heating system either…………from your refrigerator freezer to your water heater to your lighting it can all be intelligently controlled and monitored. In my humble opinion it will definitely change your utility bill. Here are some of the key features that will help you save energy.

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

  • Smart Wi-Fi that has the ability to communicate with the new smart meters many utilities are installing including gas and electric meters. These new meters have the ability to send real time data to the utility companies to monitor usage.
  • has Windows CE 6.0 R3 as the operating system with an Intel Atom processor which takes this smart device well beyond the average home thermostat you can pick up at the hardware store.
  • has a 7-inch touch-screen and features a Smart Energy In-Home Display (IHD) so you can monitor the stat and the amount of energy your home is consuming at any given time of the day.
  • The Wi-Fi allows it to communicate with your home network and internet services for remote monitoring.
  • 7-day programmable capabilities that works with a calendar and scheduled alarm notices so you don’t forget to change the filters ever again.
  • The Windows software can also give you access to email, stock prices, real-time weather forecasts, and the price the utility company is charging for energy at specific times of the day.
  • can stream photos and music from wireless devices through your home network.

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

Questions for the manufacturer include how many inputs and outputs for control functions and how much in-house wiring changes need to take place for control of the appliances? With this device along with smart appliances no need to worry as they wireless and networked together easily through this intelligent device.

Inside the box is the thermostat along with detailed instructions on how to set it up including a thermostat wire color code chart to help you install the new thermostat.

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SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

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