An Outside All Weather Boiler
Outside All Weather Boiler - Outside all-weather boilers are used in circumstances where it is not possible to install the boiler inside a mechanical room or anywhere in the building. There some considerations one needs to take into account about having an outdoor boiler especially if it is for a residential application.

Outside All Weather Boiler

First is an outdoor boiler is not available in the high-efficiency ranges that indoor boilers are available for efficiency ratings. Another consideration is the outside boiler and piping needs to be protected from freezing conditions. The boiler in the photo is a propane gas-fired boiler but many of the boilers available for residential application are wood boilers.

No matter the fuel the boiler consumes, the outdoor boiler and hot water piping need to be protected from freezing. Many of the outdoor boilers have controls to prevent boiler freezing and pipe-freezing, however, the boiler should be checked for these types of controls before putting the boiler into service. If you are considering an outdoor boiler or considering purchasing a house with a residential boiler these factors and considerations should weigh in on your decision.

Outside All Weather Boiler - Freeze Protection

A gas-fired boiler such as the outdoor boiler in the photo can easily be controlled to prevent the boiler from freezing and additional protection measures can be done to protect the piping including using glycol and/or heat trace tape that works off an outdoor thermostat. Good insulation on the boiler and hot water piping is also a big plus as the hot water pipe insulation and boiler insulation will keep the heat inside the pipe and outside boiler longer thereby reducing freezing conditions for the outside boiler and the hot water piping.

Outside All Weather Boiler - Wood Boilers

Wood boilers are different than gas boilers as a wood boiler will require you to keep wood inside the combustion chamber to keep the boiler hot or warm enough to prevent freezing.

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Outside All Weather Boiler