Old Bell Gossett Circulator Pump Bearing Assembly
Old Bell Gossett Circulator Pump Bearing Assembly - This very old Bell Gossett Circulator pump and bearing assembly was found still functioning even after being flooded out several times in a basement. The pump, probably on its last leg, is at least 20 years old and still functioning. It is unusual for an electric motor to continue to operate after being subjected to flooding. A circulator pump is comprised of an electric motor and a bearing assembly which holds the impeller.

Old Bell Gossett Circulator Pump Bearing Assembly

On a call for heat, the pump is energized and begins circulating hot water through the hot water loop. A single pump can be used for multiple zones in a hot water loop but the capacity of the pump needs to be sized for full demand if all zones call for heat at the same time. The call where this circulator pump was found was not for a hot water water circulation problem but something else altogether different.

It is important to note that flood protection for your boiler and your boiler components is important. A flooded boiler is usually the result of a hurricane or other natural disaster. During power outages flooding occurs. Without power your sump pump won’t function thereby resulting in a flooded basement.

Flood Protection and Heating Systems

There are some things you can do to prevent flooding issues but sometimes no matter what you do, the flood waters overwhelm anything you may try. In that case, you will likely lose your heating system until it can be rebuilt or replaced. That is what makes this pump so amazing. Under wet conditions this circulator pump still functioned and provide circulation for hot water heat. The inside of the motor was sealed to prevent water from getting to the electrical components. Of course, we all know water an electricity do not mix so this had to be the case for the motor to still function properly.

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Old Bell Gossett Circulator Pump Bearing Assembly