Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump Condensing UnitThis Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump condensing unit is a new installation. The inside Goodman air handler attached to the heat pump condenser via line set was also replaced. It was replaced with this new Goodman heat pump. It’s not a good idea to put a new high SEER air conditioner or heat pump condenser without matching it. It should be matched with a properly rated and efficient air handler especially the coil.

Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump Condensing Unit

In 2006 congress mandated new efficiency levels for split system air conditioners from 10 SEER to 13 SEER. HVAC Manufacturers could no longer sell 10 SEER split system air conditioners or heat pumps to the general public. As a result, homeowners were forced to purchase HVAC Equipment that was more efficient. This, of course, costs more to manufacture. Additionally, in the past HVAC contractors could change the condenser if the condenser went bad. The HVAC Contractor could hook up a new condenser to an older air handler before this rule took effect. After the new rule took effect in 2006 the HVAC contractors had no choice but to comply with the law. They to replace the condensing unit and the air handler. The older systems rarely matched the newer systems.

Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump Condensing Unit

That of course, ended costing consumers more money to replace their central air conditioning system. The new HVAC equipment cost more plus the whole system needed to be replaced. That is rather than just replacing the condensing unit if it was the only part of the system that needed to be replaced. Whenever new government rules take effect the consumer can expect the cost of new equipment to basically double for total installation costs. A Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump is more efficient. More efficient than a 10 SEER but the overall cost of everything really isn’t worth it in the end.

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Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump Condensing Unit

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