York Air Handlers – Preventive Maintenance Air HandlersPreventive Maintenance Air Handlers - These air handlers provide air conditioning for a zoned VAV system. The air handler is an integral part of an air conditioner system. The air handler contains a blower, air filters, some coils (DX or chilled water), hot water coils (not all air handlers have heating coils in them), and some controls.

Preventive Maintenance Air Handlers | York AHU’s

It is important to make sure all HVAC mechanical systems have regular scheduled preventive maintenance. Many commercial air handlers, such as these York air handlers, have filter racks in them which hold a bank of filters. These HVAC air filters protect the coils from clogging with dust and add some indoor air quality to the building. It is necessary to make sure these air filters are changed on a regular basis. Another item to look at is the blower. Large air handlers like this usually have bearings which need to be greased on a regular basis. These large blowers are also belt driven and the belt should be changed on a regular basis.

Periodic Maintenance for Cleaning

Additionally, periodic cleaning of the air handler should be scheduled to clean the coils and interior spaces of the air handler to maintain a clean system. Typically, this can be set up on a weekend or off time when the building has the least amount of occupants. Coil cleaner is commonly used and sometimes the coil cleaner can be overwhelming for some occupants. Therefore, setting up a periodic cleaning on a weekend or holiday is warranted to avoid issues for the odors of cleaning fluids to clean the air handling unit. During this time, scheduled replacement of bearings and other moving parts can be and will reduce downtime during the year. Scheduling this can save in energy cost also as a clean coil reduces friction and allows better airflow so the system will work more efficiently.

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York Air Handlers – Preventive Maintenance Air Handlers

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