Air Handler Return Air Dampers
Air Handler Return Dampers | HVAC Components - These return air dampers serve a large air handler on a rooftop. This return air damper ends up in a mixing box inside the air handler where the return air from the building mixes with the outside air from the economizer.

Air Handler Return Dampers | HVAC Components

This air handler has a desiccant wheel so it has a built-in energy recovery system. The relief air goes through the energy recovery wheel on one side of the wheel while the outside air goes through the energy recovery wheel on the other side. The wheel absorbs energy on one side and releases it on the other maintaining an optimal level of preconditioned air for introduction to the mixing box where it mixes with the return air. This allows the economizer to be open and used even when outside air conditions are not ideal for using the air outside.

 Air Handler Return Dampers

Air Handler w/Energy Recovery

Air Handler Return Dampers | HVAC Components

By setting up the air handler in this way it makes the system far more efficient because it sends the mixing box preconditioned air. It also makes use of the energy contained in the exhaust or relief air so energy is recovered and not wasted. If set up properly in installation and sequence of operation – this unit will be a high-performance air handler and save energy and energy dollars in the future. Heat recovery or energy recovery systems pay for themselves, in the long run making air handlers and air handler systems far more efficient. That is what we call a high-performance air handler.

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 Air Handler Return Dampers

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