Trane Heat Pump Air Handler GE ECM Blower Replacement

An ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor in a squirrel cage blower

GE ECM Blower Replacement for a Trane Air Handler – I need to replace my Trane heat pump air handler motor, GE ECM 142 model 5SME39HL HY71, and am having difficulty finding a dealer or something online. Do you have any suggestions? Also, my technician gave me a quote of about $1000 to replace it. Does that sound right? Other discussion boards said installation is pretty straight forward and relatively easy. Would you agree?

GE ECM Blower Replacement for a Trane Air Handler

Trane Air Handler Blower Repair

My advice for something like this is always getting a professional to take care of it for you. That has the potential to be very expensive and time-consuming, costing you not only money but also frustration. An ECM blower motor for a Trane heat pump air handler doesn’t just comprise a single part. Finally, here is a basic list of the motor and controls:

Blower Motor and Controls Parts List:

  • Replacing the motor itself - these rarely go bad, but it does happen. How to properly tell if it is bad or not? That requires some technical skill and tools.
  • The motor module which attaches to the motor itself.
  • A wiring harness that connects the motor, the motor module, and the module control board to main power and control.
  • Lastly, brackets for proper mounting along with the tools to finish the job.

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The module and the control board require a special electronic diagnostic tool to troubleshoot. The diagnostic tool, of course, is proprietary. You can usually only purchase them from Trane for Trane systems, Carrier for Carrier systems, and so on for each particular manufacturer. Most manufacturers, including Trane, engineers their controls and modules for their ECM systems. There are a few manufacturers that use ECM parts that are off the shelf non-proprietary.

Experience for Repair

GE ECM Blower Replacement

I’ve been on a few service calls (and have noted some of these calls in articles on this site) where the customer thought they would fix for themselves and save a few bucks. I’m all for that. Saving money by doing something yourself. However, there are some things one should never try for themselves, and my recommendation is that you call a Trane dealer to do this for you.

For one, this is just a quick do-it-yourself project. There are many technical things involved with this that can go wrong if done right. Secondly, if you do it yourself, the parts likely will not be covered under any warranty.

Exchange for Electronic Parts if Something Goes Wrong

Most HVAC suppliers will not give you a refund or exchange on electronic parts. If you call a company to do this for you, a Trane dealer, then it should be covered under warranty for a one-year minimum. You will likely get fast service, and the repair completed quickly and efficiently. I’ve seen people who tried to fix something like this themselves, and it ended in disaster.

This is a high risk for disaster, so my advice is to tell you not to do it yourself. You will also, likely, have a difficult time finding a place that will sell you the proprietary parts you need to complete the task. Which parts exactly do you need? Which tools do you need exactly will you need?


Trane Air Handler Blower Repair

I’ve seen scenarios just like this where it cost a whole lot more when the customer tried to do it themselves compared to the cost of hiring a professional to do it. And then, when it was all said and done, they still had to pay a professional to complete the task. I’m not saying this will be impossible but I am saying it could cost a lot more than what you would pay a professional if things don’t go well. Good luck.

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Trane Air Handler GE ECM Blower Replacement