HVAC Air Handler Unit Construction Phase

Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU

Air Conditioning and Heating AHUs provide air flow throughout the duct systems providing conditioned air throughout the spaces served by the duct work. Air conditioning and heating systems rely on air handlers to move the air throughout the system. The HVAC AHU also conditions the air. The air handler heats air for heating and cools air for air conditioning.


Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU

This HVAC air handler unit provides cooling only for a VAV zone system. VAV air handlers are common in commercial buildings. This HVAC air handler unit, still under construction, is also controlled by a DDC (Direct Digital Control) system. It has two fans, one on for the return air and one for the supply air. Both air handling unit blowers run in a specific sequence as controlled by DDC. The blowers also provide a specific volume of air so that one air handler blower doesn’t starve the other for air. This specific volume of air is set by a testing and balancing technician who uses specific tools and gauges to set the proper amount of CFM’s.

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HVAC Air Handler Unit Construction Phase

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