Boiler Supply and Return PipingBoiler Supply and Return Piping - Any heating pipe system will experience a heat loss in the pipe even when the pipe is insulated. The loss is far greater when the pipe is uninsulated. Good boiler piping insulation will reduce the heat loss experienced in the pipe run throughout the loop especially where the pipe runs in unconditioned or unheated spaces where heating is not necessary.

Boiler Supply and Return Piping

Good Supply and Return Insulated Pipe will increase the efficiency of the boiler and reduce overall the heat loss of the entire system as a whole throughout the heating season. Insulate exposed piping wherever you find it and replace old insulation that is falling off. Be careful to identify the correct insulation and never ever disturb asbestos insulation. Asbestos is dangerous especially if you breathe in the particles from it. A professional asbestos remediation company must be hired to remove it safely.

Boiler Supply and Return Piping

The boiler produces hot water which runs throughout the hydronic loop via pipes. There is some heat loss experienced by the jacket and many boiler manufacturers insulate the jacket surrounding the heat exchanger to reduce this heat loss. Additionally, the heat exchangers are designed to absorb the maximum amount of heat from the combustion process. This all goes along with boiler combustion efficiency and boiler efficiency. Much of that is not in your control. This is not the case with piping because the hydronic piping is assembled in the field and dependent on the installing contractor to insulate the boiler hydronic pipe to prevent heat loss.

Boiler Supply and Return Insulated Pipe Hydronic Piping

In many residential applications, boiler pipe insulation is often overlooked, and as a result heat loss occurs in the hydronic loop where the pipe runs in crawl spaces and attic areas. A well-insulated pipe will reduce the amount of heat loss and increase the efficiency of the system. Insulating the boiler hydronic pipe will give you higher performance and a lower energy bill at the end of the month. It will also prevent busted pipes in unconditioned spaces.

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