Hydron Module Geothermal Heat Pump ReviewsHydron Module Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews - Hydron Module geothermal heat pumps come in a variety of configurations to fit most uses for a geothermal heat pump system. Hydron Module offers systems for both residential and light commercial applications.

They offer package geothermal heat pumps along with split system geothermal heat pump systems. Hydron Module even has a unit specifically designed for outdoor use. Capacity and efficiency ratings vary from model to model and depend on load for the efficiency rating.

Some standard features for Hydron Module heat pumps include:

  • Use of R-410A
  • Stainless Steel cabinet construction
  • The system is protected by a flow switch
  • Two-stage Copeland® UltraTech® compressor in select systems
  • Variable-speed ECM blower motors in select systems
  • Factory-installed desuperheater in select systems
  • Copper coaxial heat exchanger
  • Limited Lifetime Microchannel Air Coil and Compressor Warranty.* 10-Year Labor Allowance Warranty.* 10-Year Parts Warranty. 10-Year Refrigerant System Component Warranty.

*Always check with the manufacturer and dealer about warranty details, terms, and conditions. Warranties can change at any time by the manufacturer.

Hydron Module Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews - Product Line

The product line of Hydron Module includes forced air split system geothermal heat pumps that are multi-position, Single and two-stage split geothermal heat pump units, A water to water heat pump unit that can be fitted with an optional desuperheater, A two-stage package unit heat pump system, and a single-stage packaged geothermal heat pump system.

The residential warranty for Hydron Module heat pumps is excellent offering a lifetime warranty on the compressor, heat exchanger, and the cabinet with 10 years on the refrigeration system, geothermal system, and a 10-year on parts warranty with an extra kicker warranty for labor for 10 years. This means Hydron Module stands behind the product they produce. Some of the geothermal heat pumps offered include:

  • Packaged heat pumps for both horizontal and vertical installation. Packaged geothermal systems have all components in a single cabinet.
  • Split geothermal systems with the air handler separate from the condensing unit. This is ideal when the condenser needs to be installed in a garage or other remote location where it is not ideal for packed geothermal heat pump systems.
  • Hydronic Geothermal Heat Pump Systems for radiant heating and cooling, spa heating, pool heating, and other hydronic heating such as hot water heating for domestic use.
  • Commercial Geothermal Systems

Hydron Module Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews - About Hydron Module\

Hydron Module is a division of Enertech based in Greenville, IL with a manufacturing facility in Mitchell, SD.

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Hydron Module Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews