EarthLinked Technologies Geothermal Heat Pump ReviewsEarthLinked Technologies Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews. Sometimes there are some HVAC manufacturers that have such innovative ideas that they amaze everyone including HVAC professionals. It is a “slap yourself on the forehead time” and say to yourself “why didn’t I think of that”? The concept is so simple that EarthLinked Technologies, formerly ECR Technologies, has a wonderful idea to save some time and money. It also makes things practical. So you don’t have enough land for trenches and deep drilling is impractical or impossible for a conventional geothermal heat pump system. What do you do?

EarthLinked Technologies Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews - How it Works

Using EarthLinked Technologies geothermal heat pump system and their proven methods and concepts you can have a Waterless™ Geothermal Heat Pump. Here’s how it works; with a typical geothermal heat pump system, you have a deep well, large trench area, or a body of water where you pump water through the condenser for the heat exchange process.

With EarthLinked Technologies you simply need to run copper tubing either vertically (which requires drilling) or horizontally in trenches. The tubing is buried a minimum of 5 feet underground and specially insulated. Specially insulated to enhance the heat exchange process and to protect the pipe. The refrigerant is run into the pipe instead of water and the pipe and the Earth act as the condenser exchanging heat with the refrigerant inside the pipe. This process requires less piping than a water-based geothermal system. Therefore, you won’t need to drill multiple wells for large tonnage systems or have miles of trenches.

This is just another innovative way to save energy and it is innovative. Options include a recommended desuperheater to catch waste heat from the air conditioning cycle. This is used for hot water in a hot water tank and for a dedicated hot water heating system. Lastly, this is on demand and provides endless hot water using the geothermal heat pump system. Kudos to Earth Linked Technologies for their innovation!

EarthLinked Technologies Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews - History

Eathlink Technologies began making geothermal water heaters. Their founder wanted to build a system that would capture energy from the Earth. Knowing that the Earth absorbs nearly one-half of the solar heat it receives from the sun. Working from that fact the founders of Earthlink Technologies built water heaters. Water heaters that use the heat from the Earth to make hot water. Finally, that developed into making geothermal HVAC systems for heating and cooling the home in addition to heating water.

Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews

EarthLinked Technologies Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews