HVAC CareersHVAC Careers - So you want to become an HVAC Technician and want to know how to find a successful career? It’s not easy but here’s some help for you. First of all, you need a good foundation of the basics and it would help if you understood the different types of jobs you can find by pursuing a career in HVAC.

The education foundation will take you very far and will lead better jobs. To get this foundation you need to study and read. Burn those books up and study so that you can understand basic principles. Take some courses at the local university or trade school and find yourself a job working for an HVAC company. The HVAC books will help you with theory in temperature relationships (Basic physics) and electrical theory which is important to understand if you want to go far in the trade.

HVAC Careers - HVAC Offers a Variety of Jobs

There are different HVAC careers within the trade that you will need to know about to give you a better idea of what you want to do within the trade. There the installation technicians. These HVAC technicians install the systems for residential and commercial applications. These technicians must understand electrical and mechanical things. From the circuit breaker box to the equipment, they are installing they need to understand how to run the wire, what size of wire to use, and the proper breaker to use for the job. It is not a bad idea to check with an electrician or experienced HVAC technician before sizing wires for an installation job.
An HVAC installer must also work with sheet metal and duct work for forced air systems an install piping for refrigeration, hot water, and chilled water systems. It is important to know the right type of sheet metal to use for the ductwork and the right kind of pipe to use for the refrigeration hot water and chilled water systems. An HVAC theory book will help you understand the different types of piping and sheet metal available and what to use in certain HVAC installation applications.

HVAC Careers - HVAC Service Technician

Another job within the HVAC field is the service technician. These technicians need to have a very good understanding of the whole system, how it operates, the control sequence of operation, and how to deal with customers many of which can be difficult to deal with especially if their HVAC equipment is not working properly. Many service technicians start off their career as installers and work their way into service.

They build their knowledge foundation at a trade school and by working to install the systems and ask a lot of questions about the systems they are working with and installing. This gives them the knowledge and experience to service and repairs the equipment they are responsible for maintaining. As a service technician, it will also be good to understand troubleshooting techniques because it will be necessary to solve problems with the equipment if you want an HVAC career as a service technician.

HVAC Careers - Other HVAC Jobs

Other HVAC jobs within the career field include HVAC sales and HVAC management jobs. These jobs are usually filled by the experienced HVAC service technicians and HVAC installers who work hard to learn all they can learn in HVAC. A good career starts with learning all you can on HVAC basics and taking some courses at your local university. Get yourself an HVAC manual and start studying. These books are available here at High Performance HVAC in association with Amazon.com. We’ve also partnered with Careerbuilder.com and have a job search engine for you to use. Simply study hard, work hard, provide excellent workmanship, and enjoy your new career.

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