Some things are very obvious

Some things are very obvious

Home Inspector HVAC Training - Thank you!! I am training to become a home inspector, and the info contained on this site helps identify issues that require an HVAC professional to resolve.

Home Inspector HVAC Training

You’re welcome! I understand that everything at High Performance HVAC is limited, and there is so much more to learn about and for me to write about when I get the time for it. Don’t limit yourself to just what is contained on High Performance HVAC as there is so much more to learn as far as HVAC training and learning air conditioning and heating systems.

Additionally, some of that knowledge you gain will come with experience, so even after studying air conditioning and heating and other areas of home inspecting, there is more to learn in the future that only comes with time and experience.

Resources for Learning - Home Inspector HVAC Training | Heating and Cooling

You can also check out some of the HVAC training books we have available in the technician’s recommended reading. Even a person with tons of experience uses a book or manual to reference technical data, facts, and figures. I use several resources in writing articles to make sure all the facts are straight, and the numbers are correct.

I remember when I was young in the field and fresh from HVAC school, where I was at the top of the class. I was a tad bit overconfident and had some misconceptions about things. Field experience honed the book knowledge and made me a better technician.

Part of it was figuring things out on your own, and the other part is having peers with experience answer some questions. There is a big difference between an HVAC training book and actual field experience, but I wouldn’t change how I learned the HVAC trade.

I know there are HVAC techs out there who learned the trade without going to any school, but I think the best way to learn is to have the foundation of the theory behind you that only comes from studying the book or learning a classroom environment.

Things come together much faster that way, and the HVAC light bulb turns on you completely understand how things work. HVAC training can be fun if air conditioning and heating systems make you curious. And of course, the experience is always good to have, but it comes with time and be observant, and studying resources.

Crawl Spaces and Inspections - Home Inspector HVAC Training

Oh, and be careful when in crawl spaces of old electrical wires which you may think have been abandoned. Some of these wires are live and bare and will shock you. Attics is another area where great care needs to be taken, especially in the summer. The heat in some attics can exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and that can be very dangerous. A slight slip in the attic can also put you through a ceiling.

That is not even mentioning the critters you can find in crawl spaces. I know in some southern states you have to be ultra-aware of the slithering kind of critters. It’s enough just thinking of the 8-legged variety, but to think of the slithering kind does bring about some fearful anxiety. However, someone has to do it, including HVAC techs and home inspectors. I read a story about a service that removes reptiles from crawl spaces. It just gives me eeby-jeebies thinking about it.

Keep up the excellent work and study everything about HVAC that you can review. Learn about HVAC, electrical, and other areas, and that will make you a great home inspector.

Home Inspector HVAC Training

Home Inspectors and HVAC Technicians deal with Crawl Spaces as a part of their job

Home Inspector HVAC Training

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