York Gas Furnace Reviews Quality Buyers Guide

York Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsYork Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings. York offers several gas furnaces from 80 AFUE to 98 AFUE. Their residential capacities offer between 40 BTUh and 130,000 BTUh (give or take for various models), making them ideal for most residential applications. On the higher-tier York offers the Affinity™ line of gas furnaces for those seeking high efficiency and bells and whistles.

York’s mid-grade models are called the LX series and offer low to mid-range efficiency with fewer options. And the economic model for York gas furnaces is called the Latitude™ Series, which also provides mid-range to low-range efficiency levels for those on a budget for initial installation cost. (more…)

York Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

York Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsYork Package Unit Reviews - York Package Units come in a variety of configurations including air conditioning with gas heat also known as gas packs, heat pump package units, and air conditioner package with electric back-up heating. York package units are manufactured primarily for residential, light commercial and large commercial applications. This review focuses on the residential to light commercial market. (more…)

York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings

York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer RatingsYork Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings - York offers heat pumps with efficiency ranges from 13 SEER 7.7 HSPF to 20 SEER 11 HSPF. Ask many questions if you are considering buying a York heat pump. Or any other brand for that matter. This is a major purchase and should be taken seriously. Questions about the brand, product, and especially the installation contractor.

York has added many upgrades recently to the compressor and controls for their premium models. These upgrades have added efficiency for the premium models. Some features of York heat pumps are: (more…)

York Air Conditioner Reviews – Consumer Ratings

York Air Conditioner ReviewsYork Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings - York makes a full line of air conditioning systems ranging in sizes from 1.5 tons all the way up to the monster systems that serve large commercial buildings. Their residential air conditioner systems range in various sizes enough to handle residential and light commercial applications with efficiency ranges from 13 SEER to 20 SEER.

The typical York air conditioner uses the new ozone-friendly refrigerant R-410A but there are air conditioner models which you can purchase that use R-22 which will soon be phased out. As of this writing let’s just say the R-22 units are history. (more…)

York Versus Carrier Air Conditioners

York Versus Carrier Air ConditionersYork Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Every manufacturer has their own parts system and sometimes these parts are readily available aftermarket and sometimes the parts are proprietary and can only be purchased through the manufacturer of that equipment. Carrier is one of the HVAC manufacturers that has proprietary parts and sometimes you will pay a premium for those parts.

The manufacturer can hold the customer hostage especially when it comes to repairing the unit. Of course, York is one of the big HVAC manufacturers and they too have proprietary parts however the parts are usually more reasonable for purchase as far as cost is concerned so people would lean towards purchasing a York simply because the replacement parts are not sold at a premium where with SOME Carrier parts are sold at a premium and are not easily replaceable except through a Carrier dealer.