York Versus Carrier Air ConditionersYork Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Every manufacturer has their own parts system and sometimes these parts are readily available aftermarket and sometimes the parts are proprietary and can only be purchased through the manufacturer of that equipment. Carrier is one of the HVAC manufacturers that has proprietary parts and sometimes you will pay a premium for those parts.

The manufacturer can hold the customer hostage especially when it comes to repairing the unit. Of course, York is one of the big HVAC manufacturers and they too have proprietary parts however the parts are usually more reasonable for purchase as far as cost is concerned so people would lean towards purchasing a York simply because the replacement parts are not sold at a premium where with SOME Carrier parts are sold at a premium and are not easily replaceable except through a Carrier dealer.

York Versus Carrier Air Conditioners Premium Models Comparison Matrix

York CZH Affinity Key Features

Carrier Infinity Air Conditioner Key Features

Diagnostic features available with an optional communication controlInfinity® Control w/Remote Access (optional Remote Access)
High & Low Pressure Controls to Protect the CompressorHigh & Low Pressure Controls to Protect the Compressor
Humidity Control when matched with an Affinity Air Handler or Affinity Furnace.Superior humidity control w/ Improved indoor air quality
Stamped Metal Decorative Coil GuardsFull-Side Louvered Panels
The York QuietDrive™ System has a two-stage compressorTwo-stage operation for ultimate comfort
Affinity Variable Speed Blow & Low RPM Condenser Fan MotorInfinity Variable Speed Blower & Condenser Fan Motor
R-410A RefrigerantPuron® R-410A refrigerant
Powder paint over a baked on primer using a galvanized, zinc base metal for extended lifeWeatherArmor Ultra™ System
Compressor in Isolated Molded Composite CompartmentSilencer System II™ As low as 68 dB
Composite Base for Durability
Enhanced diagnostics with communication featureEnhanced diagnostics
10 Year Limited Parts Warranty10 year parts warranty
Energy Star Rated up to 18 SEEREnergy Star Rated up to 21 SEER

Model Variance

There are some differences in the two brands between York Affinity and Carrier Infinity air conditioner systems but the premium air conditioner models compare well aside from the Carrier system being a little higher for efficiency. Engineering and design of the systems, as well as aesthetic looks, is excellent for both models so the differences lay in the price and the quality of the contractor doing the installation.

Features Descriptions

Communication Ability – Not certain about the interface as I have not seen an interface for either the York or Carrier Brands but these rudimentary communication systems and the systems can be improved a lot. I am certain someone will come up with a communication feature that will allow you to monitor your air conditioning and heating systems along with other things such as power usage monitoring and appliance monitoring.

I use a power meter to monitor the power in my home and it is limited in its ability and interface but things like this are improving and soon will be as fancy as the building automation systems used in commercial HVAC. Imagine you are on vacation and you completely forgot to turn the thermostat back before you left. You go to your laptop or use your smartphone and go to your home interface where you can adjust the settings remotely along with the ability to change other functions of other appliances like the water heater or even the refrigerator settings. It’s not here yet but coming soon.

Any developers who want to develop something like this give me a shout as I have tons of ideas.

Pressure Switches – York and Carrier list high and low-pressure refrigeration switch controls for compressor protection and this is a very good thing to have on your air conditioner or heat pump. It can be considered a bell and whistle but low and high-pressure controls are good bells and whistles for any refrigeration system including an air conditioner or heat pump.

York Affinity Versus Carrier Infinity Air Conditioners - Conclusion

York Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Again, the listed features are similar aside from the higher SEER rating offered by Carrier over the York 18 SEER air conditioner. Making the final decision on which air conditioner to choose would come down to the installing contractor and their reputation for doing good work and backing up the products they sell.

High Performance HVAC cannot stress the importance of having the system properly installed. You can hire a bad contractor to install the Carrier system and never see the 21 SEER rating or even an 18 SEER rating on the efficiency of the unit whereas if you hired a good contractor to install the York you would see the 18 SEER efficiency and have a system that would most likely operate trouble-free over the life of the unit.

Of course, regular preventive maintenance is always recommended to keep the unit in tip-top condition and there are some issues that will arise where any system will require a repair or some kind of service over the life of the equipment. Simply remember it is not really the name brand of the air conditioning equipment but the installing contractor.

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