DDC Control Module for an Air Handling Unit | HVAC Control

DDC Control Module for an Air Handling UnitDDC Control Module for an Air Handling Unit – This is a direct digital controls control module for an air handler that serves some VAV boxes in office spaces for a Data Center. This DDC control module includes analog and digital inputs and analog and digital outputs to handle all the control functions necessary to control the devices and components on a large commercial air handler. (more…)

DDC Controlled Chilled Water Actuator | HVAC Automation

DDC Controlled Chilled Water Actuator

DDC Controlled Chilled Water Actuator

DDC Controlled Chilled Water Actuator | HVAC Automation. This chilled water actuator is attached to a valve which supplies chilled water to the air handling unit. The air handling has a chilled water coil. The actuator modulates the valve based on a set point inside the DDC program. If the program has trim and respond capabilities the set point will rise up and down based on demand. Demand from the VAV boxes or the HVAC zones. Most DDC controlled actuators work off of a DC volt or current signal. (more…)

DDC Outside Air Economizer System | HVAC Control

DDC Outside Air Economizer System | HVAC Control economizer dampersDDC Outside Air Economizer System  - Outside louvers allow the DDC control system to open dampers and introduce fresh air into the building. Building automation system, or the energy management system as it is sometimes called, monitors outside air temperature and humidity and based on a calculation and opens the outside air dampers when this calculation determines a precise set point. (more…)

HVAC Control Transformer Bank | DDC Installation

HVAC Control Transformer BankHVAC Control Transformer Bank - This bank of transformers is being used to power several VAV box controllers. One of many VAV boxes is powered by one of these transformers. In most VAV box applications, the power for the control system is at the box and a properly sized transformer for VA load is used to power the controller. In this application, the VAV boxes were not fan-powered and line voltage was not available in the boxes. So a central transformer bank was used and a wire for control power was pulled to each VAV box. (more…)

Outside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor | HVAC Control

Outside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor Outside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor  - The outside air temperature sensor uses a thermistor to read the outside temperature. This sensor also senses humidity using a humidity transducer. The temperature and humidity readings are collected by a direct digital control system and used in a program. Aside from using this information for user interfaces, the information is also used in a control program to open and close an outside air damper.  (more…)

DDC Integration | HVAC DDC Controls

DDC Integration – HVAC DDC ControlsDDC Integration | HVAC DDC Controls - This is an electrical project which is in the process of changing the old control system to a new DDC control system. Installing new controls in an occupied building takes plenty of planning to avoid interruption in air conditioning or heating. The old control system was a basic electro-mechanical control system which little more than just basic building management control.


SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA Supervisory Control and Data AcquisitionSCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA Gear in a large data center provides supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to maintain electrical and mechanical equipment. SCADA System is used in many different industries for controls and security including DDC HVAC Controls. SCADA systems are an integration of PLC controls and offer an interface for technicians to monitor and control the equipment. SCADA can also be integrated with a DDC system and can offer remote monitoring over a network or internet. (more…)

Direct Digital Controls DDC | HVAC Control

Direct Digital Controls DDC or DDC Systems offer a high level of control for building mechanical and electrical systems. Additionally, the modern state-of-the-art direct digital controls have the ability to offers trends of data points of HVAC/Electrical equipment. Trending can be used to increase efficiency and troubleshoot problems with mechanical equipment. DDC integration can occur with any type of mechanical or electrical system in the building.

Additionally, the system can communicate via the internet for remote monitoring and control. Alternative names are building automation systems, building management systems, and energy management systems. (more…)