HVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels | DDC InstallationHVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels - These control panels offer resistance to inclement weather. They house the DDC controllers for two small chillers and two air handlers. The chillers provide chilled water for air conditioning to the air handlers.

HVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels

The controllers offer energy management for the air conditioning system. The controllers were mounted outside for a few reasons. The main reason was that this location was closest to the HVAC equipment which provides air conditioning to the building. The secondary reason was that there was no safe or ideal location to install these panels inside the building.

Water and electricity do not mix. It is therefore important that the wiring and controllers are protected from inclement weather. Because of this electrical manufacturers have produced specially rated panels, junction boxes, and conduit rated for outdoor use. These panels, junction boxes, and conduits are rated 3R by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association or NEMA. Many air conditioner systems have outdoor equipment.

These air conditioning systems are manufactured for all weather conditions including protecting the electrical wiring and controls from the water. It is a good bet if your air conditioner was installed properly the HVAC air conditioning installer used 3R materials to protect the wiring going to the outside air conditioner unit and controls.

HVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels | DDC Installation

The conduit which carries the wiring runs out the bottom of the panels. Generally, this is decided by the installer as knockout can be found or holes drilled in any part of the panel. It is wise to think ahead and in this situation especially with a 3R NEMA Rated, Control Panel to make the conduit connections in the bottom of the panels as a precaution to prevent water from getting into the panels where the conduit connects to the panel.

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HVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels