Outside Air Temperature-Humidity SensorOutside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor  - The outside air temperature sensor uses a thermistor to read the outside temperature. This sensor also senses humidity using a humidity transducer. The temperature and humidity readings are collected by a direct digital control system and used in a program. Aside from using this information for user interfaces, the information is also used in a control program to open and close an outside air damper.

Outside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor

Even when temperatures outside are mild the inside of buildings need cooling. The air conditioner can handler cooling the building just fine. However, there are times when running the air conditioner is unnecessary when the temperature of the outside air is ideal. Engineers have designed systems to include ductwork which leads outside. Inside this duct is a damper which leaves the system closed off to the outside unit the control system calls for the damper to open.

The control systems open the outside air damper based on outside air temperature and humidity. At the same time, the control program locks out mechanical cooling so the air conditioner does not run when the program opens the outside air damper. This saves energy and reduces the cost of air conditioning when the temperature and humidity outside are ideal for conditioning the space.

 Outside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor | Pros and Cons

Of the Pros for having such a system is stated above with the energy efficiency the systems adds and the information it provides to the end user. What are the cons of having such a system? Of course with any type of system you are going to have maintenance and with the temperature, you are okay on the maintenance because a 10K thermistor requires very little maintenance, however, the humidity sensor does require periodic replacement and calibration to be effective and functional in the system.

Once every few years, the humidity sensor needs to be replaced. An alternative to that is to have the system pull in the humidity data from the local TV or weather station. I know it can be done without compromising security.

Outside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor

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Outside Air Temperature-Humidity Sensor

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