Alerton BTI DDC Controller Building AutomationAlerton BTI DDC Controller Building Automation  - This is the main DDC controller for Alerton. It communicates with all the other controllers in the field serving the building automation system and connects those systems with a computer or modem.

Alerton BTI DDC Controller Building Automation

This controller is being installed in a building with over 200 VAV boxes, several VAV air handlers, steam to the hot water system for heat, 2 chillers, and other assorted equipment like computer room AC’s, unit heaters, and exhaust fans. DDC Controls are the wave of the future when it comes to making HVAC and electrical equipment efficient and offer remote monitoring and control for maintenance managers and other necessary people hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Alerton BTI DDC Controller Building Automation | Tools and Usefulness

Trend data can also be collected for monitoring trends and for troubleshooting intermittent hard-to-see problems. This trend information can be downloaded to a computer and used in spreadsheets and other graphics software to see where problems exist or where improvements in the efficiency of equipment can be made. Alerton is a large controls company based out of Washington State and they have a nationwide dealer network trained in the installation and programming of Alerton DDC Controllers. The Alerton BTI DDC Controller is one of the main DDC controllers which communicates with other DDC controllers and offers a gateway to the internet.

Direct Digital Controls are the wave of the future and make buildings smart and energy-efficient. These are state-of-the-art devices connected to computers through a network and the internet. Tons of beneficial things are derived from these types of systems. While the installation cost is high the cost of installation is recovered through energy savings and increased comfort by using these systems. Maintenance departments can identify small problems before they grow into bigger problems.

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Alerton BTI DDC Controller Building Automation