SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data AcquisitionSCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA Gear in a large data center provide supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to maintain electrical and mechanical equipment. SCADA System is used in many different industries for controls and security including HVAC Controls. SCADA systems is an integration of PLC controls and offer an interface for technicians to monitor and control the equipment. SCADA can also be integrated with a DDC system and can offer remote monitoring over a network or internet.

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA automates control of equipment and at the same time monitors the equipment for problems. If there is a problem with the machine or device being controlled SCADA will alarm allowing an operator to take action for the problem. Other functions of the SCADA system allow for automated control and monitoring via an HMI or Human Machine Interfaces. Much of the information is sent to the main server where it is disseminated to the HMI’s.

Monitoring systems such as this can be integrated with mechanical and electrical systems. Automated controls using complex algorithms make things more efficient which saves money and time for the building owner and equipment operators. SCADA can also be set up to monitor the entire system for basic maintenance schedules to alert operators it is time for maintenance.

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition | Integration

Building Automation Systems can be integrated with SCADA systems and run in conjunction together for added control. Systems are networked together and special routers are used to translate the protocols from one system to another so communication is achieved between the two dissimilar systems. Both types of control systems have their own unique advantages for monitoring and control so there are times when integration is advantageous for the building personnel.

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SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

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