Alerton Controllers DDC HVAC Control | Heating & Cooling

These Alerton controllers control a heat exchanger and air handler

Alerton Controllers DDC HVAC Control - HVAC DDC control has become an integral part building automation systems. Modern DDC HVAC Control is state of the art computer controlled systems which add efficiency to the system. These Alerton controllers are used to monitor and control an air handling unit for a large building.

Alerton Controllers DDC HVAC Control | Heating & Cooling - Modern Controls

These Alerton controllers have digital outputs (or sometimes referred to as binary outputs, analog outputs, analog inputs, and digital or binary inputs. The Alerton controllers also communicate over a network so it can share point data with other controllers and these points can also be monitored by a computer that is on the local network or over the internet.

Modern HVAC DDC allows building automation systems to maintain precision control and is often integrated with the buildings safety and health systems. If the smoke alarm signals alarm HVAC DDC performs all necessary functions required by fire and safety codes for the mechanical equipment. DDC HVAC control systems also allow automatic control of ventilation systems including economizers, mixing boxes, building static pressure, exhaust fans, and VAV dampers.

Modern Controls | Alerton Controllers DDC HVAC Control

Modern DDC HVAC control can also measure water, gas, and airflow and make adjustments to the system according to flow and usage. HVAC DDC control can be integrated with building security systems and allows remote monitoring and alert systems for security, safety, and health systems. This also means that the air conditioning and heating system can be controlled and monitored remotely.

The controllers pictured control a large VAV air handler for a medical facility. The controllers and various relays in the panel are linked via a network trunk to a server. The server can be accessed from anywhere on the internet for remote control and monitoring.

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Alerton Controllers DDC HVAC Control | Heating & Cooling

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