DDC Automated Logic M-StackDDC Automated Logic M-Stack - This Automated Logic M-Stack provides a control for multiple pieces of HVAC equipment and integrates network communication all in one single stack. This direct digital control system is integrated with pneumatic controls. DDC allows automated HVAC control processes to take place and adds higher efficiency to an HVAC system.


DDC Automated Logic M-Stack

Air conditioning and heating systems need a way to start and stop the equipment. Additionally, a way to monitor temperatures, start pumps, close dampers, and read the flow of air, water, and fuel for the systems. Modern DDC offers HVAC control with more efficiency than just a plain old thermostat to start and stop the system. DDC can be used in just a simple air conditioning and heating all the way up to a multi-story building where hundreds of processes need to be controlled.

These comfort systems are often complex and need to have several things happen all at once and/or in different sequences. DDC systems allow all these processes to be automated and controlled with a precision that was unavailable before DDC evolved to where it is today. A building manager can log on from home and with a quick glance at some graphics and computer interface can tell if the building systems are okay. If a problem is detected sometimes an override from the remote place can offer a temporary solution to the problem. A building manager or technician can use the computer to troubleshoot problems remotely.

Modular Control | DDC Automated Logic M-Stack

The M-stack allows for additions to the controls. It is plug-and-play. Install a new stack and add some more control points. The only limitation is the control panel. These can also be networked to allow more flexibility for additional controls in the future.

The modern direct digital control allows managers more flexibility, offer more efficient comfort, and brings older HVAC controls into the computer age.

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DDC Automated Logic M-Stack