Emerson Sensi Thermostat Reviews

Emerson Sensi Thermostat Reviews –Emerson Sensi Thermostat Reviews the Emerson Sensi thermostat is one of the latest new thermostats that offer WiFi and remote access using a mobile app. These are the thermostats of the future allowing you to see what’s going on with your home temperatures and HVAC settings from anywhere in the world where you have access to a mobile internet connection.

So you and your family finally take that European vacation you have wanted and you completely forgot the thermostat and HVAC settings. No problem, just dial in with your app and change the settings. All from your hotel room in London or Prague.

Here, aside from the WiFi features, we’ll look into everything this thermostat has to offer from pros to cons. We’ll do it in simple terms so hopefully, all your questions will be answered by the end of this review. Including the questions, you didn’t think of yet. Yes, we hope to be that good for our readers! (more…)

Nest Thermostat Technical Review | Consumer Rating

Nest Thermostat Technical Review | Consumer Rating – The Nest thermostat is an advanced thermostat with lots of nerdy bells and whistles built into it. At first glance, it is definitely not for everyone.  With its simple yet sleek display, looks can be deceiving.

Inside this little is a medley of features that would make the average consumer’s head spin. While some of these features are not unique, the Nest is unique all on its very own. In previous times I would caution people about using such technology simply because of simplicity.

However, Nest does its best to cut through the techno-garble and make things understandable. At least for those who will read the literature that Nest provides. I have found that many people are curious about how things work but when you start discussing it with them in the manner of trying to explain technical details to them you will lose them if you don’t keep it in plain simple terms.

At first glance, Nest attempts to do that and they have succeeded with me. The last thing I want when explaining something technical to someone is for them to get bleary-eyed and zone out of the conversation. Keeping things simple is the best way, IMHO, to prevent that. (more…)

Honeywell VisionPro Heat Pump Thermostat Review

Honeywell VisionPro Heat Pump Thermostat - Programming and SettingsHoneywell VisionPro Heat Pump Thermostat Review: Richard, I have a Honeywell Vision Pro Programmable Thermostat. I was wondering how I can program the settings to save money? It was recently installed six months ago and I want to make sure it is programmed to get the best out of it for a heat pump.

At this point, I do not believe I have saved money and was told I could save 10% or more with a programmable thermostat. Please help me with the appropriate settings and give me some insight that would help me save money. Thank you and I look forward to your answer. (more…)

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat | HVAC Control

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced ThermostatSilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat - This thermostat is sure to save you some money in energy costs if you can get over the initial retail cost which is currently unavailable. Taking it a step further you can make some control changes to your appliances and hook them up to this thermostat so you can program on and off schedules for the appliances. We’re not talking about just your air conditioning and heating system either…………from your refrigerator freezer to your water heater to your lighting it can all be intelligently controlled and monitored. In my humble opinion, it will definitely change your utility bill. Here are some of the key features that will help you save energy. (more…)

Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat | HVAC Control

The Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat

The Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat

Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat - A first impression when taking the Venstar ColorTouch thermostat from the box was that the thermostat was smaller than I had imagined however it is no smaller than the typical digital programmable thermostat. The more I got into the thermostat the better I liked it even though I found what I think is a minor flaw in the thermostat. Despite the flaw, we are recommending the Venstar ColorTouch thermostat for residential and light commercial users who will find the benefits and features rich and colorful. (more…)