Effects of a Clogged HVAC Air Filter | Dirty Filters

What happens when your filter clogs up with dust and debris? The effects of a clogged HVAC air filter in your air conditioner or heat pump can cause failure of the system operation that will result in a call for an air conditioner repair service.

An ac, heat pump, gas furnace, electric furnace, or even an oil furnace needs the proper amount air flow across the coil or heat exchanger to operate properly. When the filter clogs the air flow is minimized the blower works harder and harder to pull the proper amount of air across the coil or heat exchanger. What are the effects of a clogged filter in your HVAC system? (more…)

Furnace Air Filter Maintenance | HVAC & Indoor Air Quality

Furnace Air Filter Maintenance . We all know know that fresh clean air is important to our health. Furnace Air Filter MaintenanceWe should also know that our home air filters need to be kept clean. Kept clean not only for our health but also to protect the air conditioning and heating equipment. A dirty (or worse, no filter at all) air filter can cause our heating and air conditioning equipment to fail. By maintaining a good air filter maintenance schedule we protect our health and the heating and cooling equipment. (more…)

HVAC Furnace Filter Basics | Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Furnace Filter Basics | Indoor Air Quality - Pollen, molds, and dust are common in any household and can be reduced by using an air filter.HVAC Furnace Filter Basics To maximize the benefits from cleaner indoor air you should use an electrostatic furnace filters and air conditioner filters along with a high efficiency air cleaner. Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC’s) can also offer you high quality clean air over the typical cheap air conditioner and furnace filters on the market today. Clean the air in your home and breathe easier. (more…)

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work | Indoor Air Quality

how electronic air cleaners workHow Electronic Air Cleaners Work | Indoor Air Quality - The electronic air cleaner cleans the air electronically. Most electronic air cleaners (EACs) have two ways of filtering the air. In addition to cleaning the air electronically, electronic air cleaners have metal mesh pre-filters. These pre-filters catch large particles that the electronic portion of the cleaner would not be able to filter effectively. It is necessary to ensure these pre-filters are cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule along with the electronic cells inside the electronic air cleaner. Additionally,electronic air cleaners use a minimal amount of energy and only use power when the fan is running.

HVAC Indoor Air Quality and Pollution

HVAC Indoor Air Quality and PollutionHVAC Indoor Air Quality - Indoor air quality is very important to our health. There are not many people who worry about indoor air quality unless they suffer from asthma or another respiratory problem that can easily be aggravated by indoor pollutants or bad indoor air quality. If we examine the things in our air we are surprised of the things in the air which can have dramatic affect on our health. People who suffer from respiratory health problems usually see increased health when they institute a good indoor air quality program that can include installing electronic air cleaners and ultra-violet air cleaners along with a good air filtration system. (more…)

Air Filter Maintenance for Air Conditioning and Heating

Air Filter Maintenance for Air Conditioning and Heating - Changing filters is a basic first step of proper HVAC maintenance and is necessary to keep the system running tip top. Dirty air conditioner filters inhibit proper air flow and decrease efficiency and comfort for your air conditioner and furnace. A good air filter maintenance program will help avoid typical maintenance issues associated with dirty filters. Filters are essential for keeping evaporator coils clean and free from debris and dust. This air filter maintenance is not important? Read what happened to this person for not changing their filters on a regular basis. Air Conditioner Causes Water Damage (more…)

HVAC Indoor Air Quality Solutions

HVAC Indoor Air Quality Solutions - There are many different types of HVAC air filters. The most common type of HVAC air filters are the fiberglass disposable filter that you buy at most hardware or retail stores. Other types of HVAC air filters include the metal or plastic fiber type filters which are washable. These HVAC air filters save you money because they are washable but some are not as efficient at filtering the air as the disposable kind so they are not as good for HVAC indoor air quality as other alternatives. (more…)

IAQ Ventilation Basics | HVAC Indoor Air Quality

IAQ Ventilation Basics - Indoor air pollution can be reduced and possibly eliminated by taking corrective action using a defined plan. The first step is called an IAQ audit and often requires the services of both a HVAC Test and Balance (TAB) Company and an industrial hygienist. First of all it must be determined where the source of pollution is coming from and then steps taken to eliminate it. Vapor barriers and foundation sealant can often be the source of indoor air pollution but other areas need to be studied to ensure they are not allowing pollution into the structure. Other types of pollutants are carbon dioxide (produced by people), moisture, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ozone, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which cause issues with health and safety of the buildings occupants. After the source of the pollutants is determined then a plan of action can be implemented to ensure these issues are corrected. There are different levels of IAQ that range from very thorough to just a cursory look at the building and the buildings HVAC systems.