Air Filter Maintenance for Air Conditioning and Heating - Changing filters is a basic first step of proper HVAC maintenance and is necessary to keep the system running tip top. Dirty air conditioner filters inhibit proper air flow and decrease efficiency and comfort for your air conditioner and furnace. A good air filter maintenance program will help avoid typical maintenance issues associated with dirty filters. Filters are essential for keeping evaporator coils clean and free from debris and dust. This air filter maintenance is not important? Read what happened to this person for not changing their filters on a regular basis. Air Conditioner Causes Water Damage

Air Filter Maintenance for Air Conditioning and Heating - Clogged Filters

Air Filter Maintenance for Air Conditioning and Heating
Dirty clogged air filters cause problems with components in your air conditioner system and cost you more in operation costs. It is simple, keep a good clean air filter in your air conditioning and heating system and reduce the amount you pay for energy and repair costs. Problems created by dirty can include problems in the air handler with evaporator coil, problems with the blower motor that can increase the operational costs and reduced operating life of the blower motor fan. Dirty evaporator coils also increase operating costs and reduce the cooling or heating capacity of the air conditioning and heating system.

Air Filter Maintenance Reminders

There are air filter change reminders available on the internet to help you remember to change your air filters. Additionally, there are some digital thermostats that will flash a reminder every 30 days to remind you to change the air filter. Some people only remember to change the air filter when there is a problem. Often this is too late and ends up costing you more than what a new filter costs. Implement an air filter maintenance strategy and regular schedule and it will prevent lots of problems in the future.

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Air Filter Maintenance for Air Conditioning and Heating

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