Trane Versus Carrier Gas Furnaces | Brand Model Technical Comparison

Trane Versus Carrier Gas Furnaces. This is a close comparison of Trane and Carrier gas furnaces for specific models. We try to get as close to the same models as possible without getting exact models with the same features.

There really could be no review of the furnace if they were exactly the same except in name. In this case, Carrier has the edge for their Infinity model over the Trane XL model we chose to for the comparison matrix. They both get similar efficiency ratings but mechanically and electrically they are different furnaces.  (more…)

Trane Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Trane Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsTrane Package Unit Reviews - Trane package units can be purchased in configurations of hybrid dual fuel heat pumps with gas backup heat, air conditioners with optional electric heat, air conditioning with gas heat also known as gas packs, and heat pump package units. Their package units are manufactured for residential, light commercial, and heavy commercial applications. Heavy commercial air handlers will be covered in a future planned section named Commercial HVAC. (more…)

Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsTrane Gas Furnace Reviews - There are six specific models of gas furnaces with efficiency ratings ranging from 80% AFUE to 97.3% AFUE. Trane is one of the biggest HVAC manufacturers in the US and one of the only HVAC manufacturers who produce their own compressors for air conditioners and heat pumps. Other HVAC manufacturers use compressors manufactured specifically by a compressor manufacturer like Copeland or Bristol. (more…)

Trane XL90 Gas Furnace Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Trane XL90 Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer RatingsTrane XL90 Gas Furnace Reviews - Coming in at 92% AFUE the Trane XL90 gas furnace is close to being the 92% AFUE the higher end furnaces produce as far as efficiency. The XL90 gas furnace also has two-stage heat and a four-speed blower. Both are good especially if the blower is controlled properly. Granted it is not like an ECM Variable speed blower but it does have different speeds so you can run it at a slower speed and then a higher speed if necessary. (more…)

Trane Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Trane Xi20 heat pump rating

Trane Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Trane offers heat pumps in efficiency ranges from 13 SEER 7.7 HSPF to 20 SEER 10 HSPF. They also offer a communications ability in one of their top-of-the-line heat pumps. The communications feature allows the user to call the heat pump communication module and adjust settings remotely. For the best performance of any brand, it is recommended to get a matching system. Different models have different features. (more…)

Trane XR14 High Efficiency Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Trane XR14 High Efficiency Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings
Trane XR14 High Efficiency Heat Pump Reviews - Trane classifies the XR14 heat pump as a high-efficiency model heat pump system. This is considered the lower middle-efficiency range for Trane as the list four classifications in their marketing of heat pump systems. They have standard efficiency, high efficiency, ultra-efficiency, and super-efficiency model heat pumps. They list their features of the XR14 Heat Pump - (more…)

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer RatingsTrane Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Trane offers nearly a dozen different models for air conditioning systems ranging from 13 SEER to 21 SEER models that can be matched with their air handlers or gas furnaces. Furthermore, if done properly you may also integrate these air conditioners with other manufacturers systems such as air handlers or gas or oil furnaces (Always consult a professional and the manufacturer’s recommendations). Additionally, some of the features for air conditioners are: (more…)

Trane Gas Furnace Efficiency Factors & Fuel Purity

Trane Gas Furnace Efficiency FactorsTrane Gas Furnace Efficiency Factors – This is a Trane gas furnace. It is also called a Trane 90 plus gas furnace because it offers efficiency levels up to 90 percent plus AFUE (rating). Gas or oil furnaces generally cannot achieve efficiency at 100% because of impurities in the fuel including moisture. This is the reason why no fossil fuel furnace sold has a rating of up to 100%.

This biggest impurity in many fuels is moisture which is difficult to remove because it is in the distribution and storage places where the fuel is distributed and stored. If these impurities were removed from the fuels before they have been introduced to the furnace the cost of the fuel would be much higher and the cost to benefit ratio would not be effective. (more…)

Trane Versus Carrier Air Conditioners | Brand Model Reviews

Trane Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - The first thing we need to do when comparing a Trane Versus Carrier is to make sure we are comparing similar models with similar features.

Each manufacturer makes various models from a builder’s grade unit, which is usually the HVAC manufacturer’s cheapest model up to the unit that has bells and whistles, and some of these have bells and whistles for the bells and whistles. You want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not an apple to an orange.