Oil Furnace Condensation Problems | HVAC Heating
Oil Furnace Condensation Problems - This Oil Furnace has flue gas condensation problems as one can see from the white residue forming on the front of this oil furnace. This problem occurs when the flue gases are not hot enough to rise above and out of the flue.

Oil Furnace Condensation Problems

The flue gases from the oil furnace are condensing and the residue which is highly caustic is dripping back down the flue and around the furnace. The cause of this problem is likely because the oil settings are not correct. The oil burner is providing either too much air to the combustion chamber or too little air to the combustion chamber and either of these can cause the flame temperature to be too low and lack the heat necessary to carry the flue gases out and away from the flue.

An adjustment can be made using a combustion analyzer to ensure the proper amount of air is introduced into the combustion chamber to ensure the correct combustion process. It is important that primary air and secondary air be adjusted properly so this problem does not occur.

Oil Furnace Condensation Problems | Analysis of Combustion

Chimney Liners Oil Gas HeatingUsing a combustion analyzer one can also test the amount of O2, CO2, and CO along with other factors that make the combustion process efficient and safe. The caustic properties of the flue gas condensation will likely cause the furnace and the flue to rot prematurely. You can see our article on combustion analysis here.

Additionally, flues should be designed up to code. Two different codes come into play here for basic code compliance. The Fuel Gas Code and the Mechanical Code. There may be additional codes for your region or area so make sure you comply with these basic safety codes to prevent any safety issues. Your local HVAC contractor should have thorough knowledge and details of any codes which apply to your system.

Oil Furnace Condensation Problems | Chimney Liners and Special Venting Materials

In some cases, you may need a chimney liner to prevent decaying of the masonry in your chimney. For your convenience, we have included a table of flue materials for your reference. It is all about safety and the safe operation of your heating system. It also adds reliability to your heating so on some cold day something bad happens and your heating system is condemned for a safety issue. Complying with the safety codes won’t prevent all problems from occurring, but it will add a layer of safety to your heating system that will prevent future problems.High Performance HVAC

Oil Furnace Condensation Problems | HVAC Heating