Furnace and Boiler Oil Filters | HVAC HeatingFurnace and Boiler Oil Filters - Oil burner oil filters are important to keep trash out of the burner gun and plugging the nozzle. A dirty filter can also choke the system from firing properly by preventing the correct amount of oil flow from reaching the nozzle. Oil furnace oil filters or oil boiler oil filters should be changed on at least an annual basis. More if the oil or oil tank is of poor quality. It is also recommended that the oil furnace or oil boiler be shut down when oil delivery is made.

Furnace and Boiler Oil Filters | HVAC Heating | Filter Problems

As the oil is pumped into the tank it stirs up trash in the bottom of the tank. If the furnace or boiler is running this trash is sucked into the oil line and goes straight to the filter where it can plug the filter. A plugged filter inhibits the flow. While the filter may allow some oil to pass it is not enough for proper combustion.

This causes combustion problems such as soot which will plug the combustion chamber and build up in the flue if the furnace or boiler continues to run. This will usually require a teardown of the furnace or boiler so all soot can be removed.

Maintenance Schedule | Furnace and Boiler Oil Filters | HVAC Heating

The filter should be changed on a timely basis and especially if the heating system, whether it is a boiler or a furnace, experiences problems. It is recommended that the heating system, the boiler, or the furnace, be shut down when the oil tank is being filled. When the tank is being filled sediments in the bottom of the tank are stirred up and can be sucked into the oil line. When the furnace or boiler is running the pump is sucking oil from the tank and the sediment can be pulled into the system and plug the filter.

Whenever you change the filter shut the system down and close off the oil line with a valve located in the oil line near the filter. Make sure you have some rags and a drip pan with you when you open the filter up. Change the filter and make sure to properly dispose of the old filter.

Maintenance schedules on oil systems should be at a minimum semi-annually and include changing the oil filter, checking and possibly changing the oil nozzle, and the strainer in the oil pump if the pump is equipped with a strainer. All these components, the filter, the nozzle, and the strainer are very important to the oil is burning properly in the furnace or boiler system. If you have a problem with combustion it is likely with one of these three components in the system as these components catch all the muck and junk pumped into the system from the tank.

Conclusion | Furnace and Boiler Oil Filters | HVAC Heating

Remember, proper maintenance will save you lots of problems down the road especially on oil-fired heating systems. It is best to have a maintenance contract with a professional HVAC company to prevent future problems plus most companies will give priority if you do have a maintenance contract and need emergency service in the future.

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Furnace and Boiler Oil Filters | HVAC Heating