HVAC Honeywell Oil Burner Ignition ControlHoneywell Oil Burner Ignition Control | HVAC Heating - This Honeywell oil burner ignition control controls the oil burner sequence of operation. On a call for heat from the thermostat, the oil burner ignition control starts the burner blower. this mechanically interlinked with the oil pump. The blower blows air into the combustion chamber and the oil pump pumps oil to the burners nozzle. The step-up transformer is energized and applies a very high voltage spark to the burners ignitor. When the flame is detected it is immediately detected by a cad cell eye which recognizes the light produced by the flame inside the combustion chamber.

Honeywell Oil Burner Ignition Control | HVAC Heating

After the cad cell eye detects the light from the flame it signals the oil burner ignition control that all is well and to keep things going. The oil burner will continue to produce a flame until either the cad cell eye determines there is no flame or the thermostat satisfies and stops the call for heat. If its the thermostat stopping the call for heat the oil burner ignition control stops the blower and the fire in the combustion chamber extinguishes. The blower in the furnace, which blows air through the ductwork and delivers it to the vents in the home, continues to run.

This makes use of the residual heat left over inside the heat exchanger and allows things to cool off. The fan on an oil furnace usually shuts off based on temperature. When the temperature inside the heat exchanger cools down to a certain set point it shuts off the blower.

Whenever you have a problem with an oil furnace it is best to consult a professional oil furnace technician. They will have all the tools and knowledge to take care of the problem in a quick and efficient manner.

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Honeywell Oil Burner Ignition Control | HVAC Heating

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