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Maytag Vs Rheem | HVAC Buyers Advice

Maytag Vs Rheem - To Richard

Subject: Maytag vs. Rheem gas-electric packaged heater AC

From: Steve

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Maytag vs rheemHi, We’re trying to compare Maytag and Rheem gas/electric heating/AC packaged units to replace our old ones. The Maytag (15 SEER, 4 ton; PPG1GFX048120) has 2-stage heating and cooling and a variable-speed blower, and 12 years of parts and labor. The Rheem (14SEER, 4 ton; RRPL-B) has a single stage and variable speed blower, 10 yr parts and we can purchase a 10 yr labor warranty.

The Maytag has seemingly better features, but we’re not familiar with Maytag heater/AC units, but know the Rheem name, and have been told it’s highly rated. One heating and air conditioning company quoted the Maytag at more than $2500 less than two other companies quoted the Rheem.

Are you familiar with the Maytag, and do you know if it’s as reliable and as highly rated as the Rheem? Also, whether the wholesale price of the Maytag is that much less than the Rheem, or is the price difference more likely to different labor costs and profit margins of the installation companies?