White Rodgers & Honeywell Thermostats | Thermostat SelectionWhite Rodgers & Honeywell Thermostats - Which type and brand of thermostat do you get when selecting a new thermostat? To do that you have to know what kind of HVAC system you have installed for your heating and cooling system. Do you have a boiler with baseboard heating or radiators with the boiler combination? In addition to the boiler do you have an air conditioning system with ductwork or a mini-split ductless system? Do you have a heat pump system? Do you have electric baseboard heating? Do you have an air conditioner system with electric heat? It is important to know the answers to what kind of HVAC system you have installed in your home.

White Rodgers & Honeywell Thermostats | Thermostat Selection

When you know the type of air conditioning and heating system you have then you can go to the local hardware store and purchase a new thermostat. Opinions vary as far as brand of thermostat is concerned but typically Honeywell thermostats and White Rodgers thermostats are the best with the author of this article leaning towards the Honeywell thermostats if I had the choice of thermostats. Once you are in the hardware store and find the thermostat section you need to read the package and compare it to the type of HVAC air conditioning and heating system you have. All the information should be on the back of the package and which system is appropriate for each particular thermostat.

White Rodgers & Honeywell Thermostats | Thermostat Selection

Be aware that a heat pump thermostat is different than a thermostat for an air conditioner with a gas furnace for heat. Additionally, electric baseboard heating usually requires a high voltage thermostat. If you have electric baseboard heating make sure you turn the power off before attempting to change the thermostat. It is a good idea to turn the power off to your HVAC system if you change any thermostat. Good luck and happy thermostat shopping.

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Thermostat Selection – White Rodgers & Honeywell Thermostats

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