Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat

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Energy Recovery Wheels

Enthalpy wheel in a heat recovery unit

HVAC Enthalpy & Heat

Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat - As the cost of energy rises engineers are looking for ways to improve and increase energy efficiency. Aside from HVAC equipment with higher energy efficiency rates, improving structures for less heat loss and heat gain, and building automation systems giving the equipment precision control for better efficiency of the equipment, there are other ways to increase energy efficiency inside buildings. One of the ways to increase energy efficiency inside buildings is to add energy recovery wheels to the economizer systems. A US Department of Energy study concluded energy recovery wheels can save over 15% of the energy used in commercial HVAC applications.


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Home Ventilation and Pressure | HVAC Venting

Home Ventilation and Pressure - It is becoming increasingly necessary to have your home checked for home pressurization. Does your home have a negative pressure inside of it? Do you have a gas or oil furnace which is inside the home and uses the air in the home for combustion air to fire the furnace or boiler? Do you have other gas or oil burning appliances, a fireplace, gas logs, or anything which consumes air inside the home? This does not refer to furnaces which are located in the attic (unless you have a completely sealed attic or the attic has a maximum height of less than 30 inches.)

These appliances consume air and along with some other air consuming appliances in your home the issue of home pressure and home ventilation come into question especially in this day and age when the drive is on to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Homes are being built tighter with better insulation, doors, and windows. Less infiltration air is being fed into the modern homes of today so it’s important to give the home a safety check to make sure there is enough air left over for the occupants of the home.


HVAC Duct Work – Air Handling Unit Duct

HVAC Duct Work - Air Handling Unit Duct - Air Handler Duct WorkHVAC Duct Work delivers the conditioned air to the spaces. The Air Handling Duct channels this conditioned air to spaces where it is needed and then a return duct channels the air back to the air handling unit duct for re-conditioning. The return ductwork has a negative pressure while the supply ductwork has a positive pressure. In commercial systems and tight residential homes, it is necessary to add fresh air to this conditioned air so the air remains fresh and healthy for the occupants of the structure. This is required by the mechanical code and often this air comes through ductwork from the outside. (more…)