Compressor Rebuild

Compressor in an HVAC refrigeration system

Compressor Rebuild – This freshly rebuilt reciprocating compressor is destined for a large commercial chiller. Chillers chill water for air conditioning. Compressors compress refrigerant vapor and pump the compressed refrigerant to the condenser to be condensed into a liquid. The compressor provides compression which is an integral part of the refrigeration process. The old compressor was condemned for electrical burn out. The windings in the old one burned up and caused the circuit breaker to trip.

Compressor Rebuild | HVAC Heating and Cooling Refrigeration

Semi-hermetic compressors that go bad for whatever reason are removed from the air conditioner and replaced with a rebuilt compressor. There are compressor rebuild shops that specialize in rebuilding semi-hermetic compressors. The semi-hermetic compressors are torn down and internal components replaced with new components. Bearing, rings, pistons, crankshafts, and other components are replaced or re-machined to meet specifications. Everything is cleaned up and the compressor is put back together to live another day. Eventually, it will make its way back into an air conditioner or chiller to run and provide cooling again.

Compressor Rebuild

HVAC Compressors (hermetic and semi-hermetic) have electric motors inside of them. All electric motors have windings inside them. These windings are made of copper and are wound in loops. When electricity passes through these windings they provide an electromagnetic field that causes the rotor in the electric motor to turn. These windings are coated with shellac to prevent the copper windings from touching one another. One reason compressor motors fail is because the shellac on the windings deteriorates and the copper windings touch causing a dead short in the windings. An HVAC Technician can determine if the windings are shorted using a meter. Compressor Rebuild
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Refrigeration - HVAC Compressor Rebuilt

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