Search Engine Optimization Consultation


Basic SEO consultation specific for contractors with 20 pages or less. Includes manual checks and software analysis checks for search engine results.

A detailed report is delivered to the customer showing them the areas they need to improve to improve their results in the search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization ConsultationSearch Engine Optimization Consultation - If you do a search for your services is your site coming up in the top results? Do you know the best place to hide your business where no one will find it? On page 2 of Google. Sorry, that was a pun but it is the truth. Whether someone does a voice search (which is becoming more and more popular with mobile use) or they do a search from their desktop it is becoming more and more important for your business to show up on the first page of Google. So the next question is how do you get your company website to show up in the top results?

That is a loaded question and it involves several variables that cannot be answered without having someone knowledgeable with SEO look at your site and analyze it. There are on page SEO items and off page SEO items that have an effect on your search engine result for specific keywords. There really is no silver bullet that will guarantee the results for keyword searches but you can maximize the results for your site by improving your SEO for your site.

Search Engine Optimization Consultation Details

When you hire us as an SEO consultant we will manually check your SEO and use software to check your SEO. We check over 100 different aspects of your site and then we will generate a report of what you need to do to maximize your results. This is simply a consultation and does not include making the recommended enhancements to improve your results.

All recommendations will be completely white hat. That is versus black hat techniques that can have a detrimental impact on your website and the results.

Here are some basics for our site, High Performance HVAC: A recent analysis for our site gives us the following in the major 3 search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo): 841 Number One Keywords - these keywords show up as number one when used in searches on the major 3 search engines. 3698 tracked keywords in the top 10 search engine result from the major 3. That is the number of keywords that show up on the first page of the results for the mentioned 3 major search engines when those keywords are used in the search. This analysis was done in September of 2017 and we will try to keep this current by refreshing the results from time to time.

Search Engine Optimization Consultation

With results like that, you can see that we know what we are doing for SEO and we can help you. What happens after the consultation?

Based on our recommendations you can hire us to help you improve the results. We will make a custom order based on what you want and the results of our consultation analysis to determine the price. Every website is different and will require more or less time and effort to improve so we really cannot tell you how much the final tally will be until we look at your site. Since this is a new service we are offering for HVAC and Trade-related companies we giving a limited time discount on our consultation. Take advantage of this now before we change the price of this service.