Negative SEO Combat Service

negative seo pest preventionProtect yourself against negative SEO attacks from competitors and unsavory operators. There are many types of parasites who will cling onto to your website and drag it down. Keep your websites backlink profile clean and sleek by ridding it of the spammy and unethical parasites by using our service to quash them the moment they latch on.

This allows you to focus on the positive side of the business without worry about an unethical competitor or other types of negative website operators that latch on to your site and drag it down in the SERP’s. Let the cockroaches waste their time while you sit back and focus on business.

Ever since we were attacked by an unscrupulous operator(s) I was worried it would hurt my site. Everyone who knows me knows I like helping people. We do rely on the revenue from the ads to pay for the overhead which hosting, servers, and IT support are not cheap to manage for such a large site (relatively speaking). Anytime I am faced with a problem I take it as a challenge and break it apart to the Nth degree. In this case, this is what I did. Since there was little information about this type of attack, I was pretty much on my own. Along with a few close associates, we developed the software to continuously scan for these types of attacks.

We use the following services to pull in backlinks for any site:

  • Webmaster tools (Google and Bing)
  • Majestic

The last two services mentioned have huge databases and web spiders scanning the web 24/7 to collect data on your site and many other sites. When they find a backlink to your site they list it. Using API’s we score the backlink using a quality index that includes basic website ranking factors, number of referring domains, and a proprietary spam score we use to identify spammy, unethical operators.

There are websites out there specifically set up to collect information from around the web and create pages and pages of information automatically for that website. These are pure spam sites and within a matter of time, they are deindexed by the search engines. The operator of that site either gives up or they purchase a new domain and transfer everything over to the new domain to try again only to be deindexed again. In some cases, a link to your websites gets caught up in on a site like that. In other cases, it is a malicious competitor that wants to hurt your business.  In any case, our software helps you avoid that pitfall.

As stated in our description, we are working on tweaking the software right now and figuring out a fair market value for pricing. We hope to have it available soon.

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Negative SEO Combat ServiceNegative SEO Combat Service - Many companies spend a lot of time and resources developing their website to get more business. They focus on positive areas to build their online presence and grow the site’s traffic. Their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) make a big difference whether the phone rings with new business or not. Some competitors of those businesses are unscrupulous and unethical and don’t want that to happen. For whatever reason, the competitor employs negative SEO tactics on your site and you lose traffic and business from this unsavory tactics. 

Negative SEO Combat Service

This has happened to this site. For whatever reason, most likely greed, negative SEO tactics were employed on this site. We first recognized it when we saw a major drop in traffic for specific pages almost to the point where our traffic nearly disappeared altogether. After performing an analysis we figured out the problem. Someone built a slew of spammy links to the pages they were targeting. This caused those pages to suffer in the SERP’s, therefore, we lost traffic. So we developed a plan of action to counter this problem.

First, all spammy inbound links get reported to Googles Spam Report pages immediately when they are found. Secondly, we also create a disavow file or report the spammy URL to a disavow page for Bing and other major search engines. Every so often, the search engines update the inbound links they have found on the web. All the search engines report these to the webmaster usually in their Webmaster Tools console. Along with that and other online services, the list can be scanned and the bad, spammy links put into a file and reported to the search engines to disavow these links.

Negative SEO Combat Service

This process can be time-consuming and take away resources from performing tasks for personnel. We have developed software and system that will automatically scan all the inbound links using online resources including webmaster tools. The software then grades these links using a quality standard we define. If the links are found to be lacking in quality or spammy the software automatically adds the links to a disavow file and uploads the file directly to the search engine so those links can be discounted.

Since we employed this software to take care of this problem for us our traffic has increased by over 40% and we no longer have to assign personnel to scan the links and build the disavow files manually. A process that was consuming too many hours and taking away from resources we could otherwise be employed elsewhere in a positive way. We are still tweaking the software using various API’s and other online services but we will soon make it available for others through a managed service.

If you are interested in this please drop us a line or two along with a phone number. We will call you within a few days and provide you with consultation whether you need this service or not. Once we finish tweaking the software and figuring out a fair market cost for selling this service we will post it here.

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