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Lennox Air Handlers Reviews | Consumer RatingsLennox Air Handlers Reviews - Lennox air handlers are manufactured for light commercial and residential applications and can be configured with variable speed blowers or multi-speed blower motors. Their air handlers can also be purchased for upflow, downflow, and horizontal flow applications. Lennox has several air handlers from the economical models to the very high efficiency models with variable speed technology to help you get the best efficiency.

Lennox Air Handlers Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Various features of selected air handlers include:

  • Air handlers are insulated for quiet operation and reducing heat loss or gain
  • Air handlers have a durable steel cabinet with textured paint so it looks good
  • Anitmocrobal drain pans in select air handlers
  • Selected air handlers have high efficiency coils
  • Lennox air handlers utilize R-410A refrigerant

Lennox is not known for keeping things simple and I’ve often heard from others that some of their systems are over-engineered. I know this firsthand from working with a Lennox dealer. I wouldn’t say they have a bad product, though.

They have had problems with certain things like other brands but overall produce quality products that look good, are reliable and will keep you comfortable for many years. As you read through any review of HVAC equipment you have to read through the review and understand that in many circumstances the installation is the core reason people have problems with any brand of HVAC equipment.

Lennox Air Handlers Reviews | Conclusion

This leads me back to the manufacturer and the training programs they offer (and sometimes require) their dealers. A good HVAC contractor will install the system so that it will maintain comfortable temperatures in your home for many years of trouble-free operation. Unfortunately, there are some who will not. This goes back to training and does a good job of offering their dealers training for both installations and service.

Chances are when you call a dealer and hire them to install your new system you will a good reliable installation that will keep you comfortable for many years to come.

For more information on Lennox and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Lennox website.

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Air Handler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Lennox Air Handlers Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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