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Janitrol Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsJanitrol Gas Furnace Reviews - It is difficult to find specific information about Janitrol products on the web as Janitrol is made by Goodman Manufacturing - yes the same Goodman that makes many HVAC products including the Amana line of HVAC equipment. Many Janitrol gas furnaces fall in line with the same models that the Goodman line of gas furnaces are defined.

Janitrol Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Who Makes Who

However, Janitrol gas furnaces are Goodman’s builders grade so there are no bells and whistles on the typical Janitrol units and the efficiency levels of Janitrol gas furnaces are not as high as the Goodman gas furnaces are. A search at the Goodman site does not reveal anything about Janitrol so in the Goodman grand marketing plan the Janitrol gas furnace line is not publicized or marketed to the general public. It is available through a dealer only.

Instead, Goodman markets the Janitrol line of gas furnaces to builders which is their biggest market. If you have a Janitrol gas furnace then you probably got it when you bought the house new. There are a few Janitrol dealers that will sell you a new Janitrol gas furnace so if you look for a contractor who is a Janitrol dealer then you can expect a gas furnace with little bells and whistles and a gas furnace that is not so efficient.

Janitrol Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - History

The Janitrol history is long but Goodman ended up with the Janitrol name. Janitrol was a division of Surface Combustion Co. and became a division of Midland-Ross in 1960 and then a division of Tappan in 1977. The Janitrol name was sold to Goodman Mfg. in 1982. Also sold as Goodman, Hamilton, Johnstone, Sears Kenmore.

For more information on Goodman and their latest models and efficiency ratings see the Goodman website.

Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Janitrol Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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