HVAC Scholarship

HVAC Scholarship

HVAC ScholarshipHigh Performance HVAC is proud to announce our ongoing annual HVAC scholarship for HVAC Students. It’s our part in giving back and helping people. That is a part of our founding, helping people by providing them with quality information. We believe education helps people and society.

In this regard we will help a student by offering them the opportunity to win a $1000.00 scholarship awarded to the student who writes the best essay. This is a unique opportunity to fund your education by winning our scholarship. Here are the basic rules for entering our scholarship competition:

  • Write an essay pertaining to HVAC that is 1000 words or more. Take your time writing the essay and make sure you provide the article with useful, original photos and/or graphics. Everything you submit for this scholarship should be original; written and produced by yourself. All information you derive from outside sources should be cited e.g., if you use data for a graph from the Department of Energy or the Energy Information Administration you should cite those agencies as your source. We do use special software to check for unoriginal essays.
  • The deadline is May 31st but we encourage you to submit earlier as we do not want to be overwhelmed at the last minute. All essays will be judged by the editorial staff here at High Performance HVAC for originality, substance (that includes grammar), technical accuracy, and overall impression. We encourage you to take your time writing and revising. Show it to family and teachers for advise and corrections if necessary. The key is writing an original essay of quality, is packed with useful information and that will help others learn from your HVAC essay. For additional information on writing a great scholarship essay see this resource.
  • There are no fees involved whatsoever. Make sure you include your full name, address and phone number, the school you attend and proof you are a student there. If you are under 18 years of age include a note from your parent or guardian for permission to enter this essay scholarship.
  • All submissions should be in English. This essay scholarship is only for U.S. based trade schools, colleges and universities.

Every year, by July 31st, we will select the best essay submission. We will notify the student and send a check to the school for $1000.00 in your name. You can submit your essay and photos at our upload page here. Our first scholarship will be awarded on July 31, 2018 and every year there after. Check this page for winners.

If you would like to donate to the HVAC Scholarship fund you can do so though our GoFundMe donation page.

You can also donate to our scholarship effort by navigating to our online scholarship donation page.

The following list includes basic ideas on subjects you can brainstorm to come up with a good essay. You should browse our site and see some of the subjects we write about. You may use any one of our categories as a basis for the subject of your essay. Your essay does not have to include these ideas,we are simply offering you idea examples.

Brainstorming Essay Ideas:

  • According to Department of Energy, Heating and Cooling Systems consume nearly 50% of the energy used in homes and businesses. How can the average consumer increase efficiency of their HVAC systems to reduce their energy use?
  • There are some alternatives to conventional HVAC systems used for heating and cooling. What are some alternative low energy ways to heat and cool a home or building?
  • How does a buildings structure and design affect energy use?
  • In layman’s terms, describe the refrigeration cycle and how it provides heating and cooling.
  • Compare and contrast various heating and cooling methods from other countries to the methods used in the USA and Canada. What makes those methods more efficient than the methods used in the USA and Canada?
  • Our managing editor is a sucker for detailed troubleshooting articles.

This is not only about offering help for education expenses. This is about establishing relationships to carry the torch for good knowledge concerning HVAC, HVAC Systems, and people in HVAC including educators and students.  Thanks and good luck in all your endeavors and career in HVAC!

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