Goodman Heat Pump Condenser Flood Protection

Goodman Heat Pump Condenser Flood Protection –¬†This heat pump condensing unit has been installed on the platform. The area where this air conditioning condenser is located is prone to flooding. The platform raises the heat pump condenser at least one foot above the floodplain.

This is usually required depending on the municipality or government agency in charge of mechanical and electrical inspections. If you live in a flood-prone area it is wise to protect the equipment from flood damage. It is possible for the air conditioner condenser unit to run after being flooded. However, the life expectancy is drastically reduced and you will definitely experience mechanical and electrical problems.

Goodman Heat Pump Condenser Flood Protection

It is not uncommon for the air conditioner or heat pump condensing units to experience corroded electrical connections. Additionally, mechanical-electrical parts also fail after being flooded especially with saltwater or brackish water. Take measures to protect your equipment in flood-prone areas. You will save yourself a ton of hassles in the future.

If Mother Nature were to decide to flood your air conditioner condenser you will be protected. It could mean the difference between you having heating and cooling or not having heating and cooling after a flood. A wise person would want to have some air conditioning and heating comfort inside their dwelling to ease the stress of going through a major disaster.

Code Authorities, FEMA, and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) | Heat Pump Condenser Flood Protection

Most regulations concerning HVAC equipment installed in flood zones are derived from FEMA. FEMA refers to it as Design Flood Elevation or DFE. FEMA recommends the equipment be installed on platforms designed to withstand severe elements that occur during storms or flooding. In coastal areas, the platform should be installed on the landward side of the building. This includes compressors, condensers, and other outdoor equipment be installed on these platforms. Consideration for platform construction should include high-velocity flow that creates severe erosion.

Additionally, for boilers and air handlers, and other inside equipment, they recommend this equipment be installed on a floor located above DFE. Supporting distribution systems include air ducts, hot water lines, and electrical wiring. The NFIP requires that air ducts in HVAC systems be designed and/or located in structures in such a way that prevents water from entering or accumulating within the HVAC system components during base flooding conditions.

Conclusion - Goodman Heat Pump Condenser Flood Protection

Of course, nothing is impervious to Momma Nature. I’ve seen condensers flipped over from strong winds in addition to condemning units that were flooded out. The units that were blown over were repaired in some cases. The units that were flooded would never perform reliably again. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you protect the equipment as much as possible not only from flooding but also from any damage. Everything from flooding to children playing and even dogs urinating on the equipment. Consequently, all these things have the possibility to damage the unit and make it unreliable.

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Goodman Heat Pump Condenser Flood Protection