Day & Night Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer RatingsDay & Night Air Conditioner Reviews - Day & Night Air Conditioners come in a variety of sizes and efficiency ratings and are mainly produced for the residential and light commercial market. Day & Night air conditioners range from a minimum of 13 SEER up to 19 SEER for the Day & Night air conditioner top of the line model. Selected Day & Night air conditioners are Energy Star rated. Features of Selected Day & Night air conditioners include:

Day & Night Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • Engineered for quiet operation
  • Select Day & Night air conditioners have two-stage scroll compressors for added efficiency
  • Top tier system available with 5-stage modulating operation
  • Select Day & Night air conditioners have two-stage fan motors in the condenser
  • WiFi remote access available for select systems
  • Select Day & Night air conditioners can be matched with an indoor variable speed blower for added efficiency.
  • Select Day & Night air conditioners offer a 10 year limited warranty on all parts including the compressor


Questions for the Dealer/Salesman

  1. High Performance HVAC always recommends that you seriously consider purchasing (if available) an extended warranty that covers both parts and labor. I do know some companies offer an extended 10 year parts and labor warranty and it is usually a tad bit on the high side and comes with a few strings such as you must purchase a maintenance contract approved by the manufacturer. Since labor is not typically included with standard warranties this type of warranty, if available, would mean the manufacturer is confident in their equipment and in the installation contractor.
  2. If you select the communicating system you will want it in the contract that the contractor should run the wire for the legacy system also. The communicating thermostat only uses two wires and if that system fails then you want to have the ability to wire it up to a traditional type of thermostat so you can get the system up and running quickly.
  3. What is SmartSense? It is listed on their website but not explained exactly what it is.

Company History

Day & Night is owned by the same company that produces Carrier which is United Technologies so you can expect to get similar engineering and components in the Day & Night brand that you get from a Carrier HVAC system. For more information on Day & Night and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Day & Night website. HVAC Equipment Reviews and Ratings

Day & Night Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings

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