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Amana Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer Ratings
Amana Condensing Units Reviews - Amana offers condensing units for both split system air conditioners and split system heat pumps. The SEER ratings for Amana condensing units range from a bare bones of 13 SEER to the 18 SEER Amana condensing unit. Amana condensing units are also available in either R-22 or R-410 systems. They produce both heat pump condensers and air conditioner condensers. Condensing units are often times replaced without replacing the indoor unit for various reasons. Usually, it is because the compressor goes bad in the condenser and the best option is to replace the condenser rather than replace the whole system. Since Amana currently has a Lifetime Limited Replacement Warranty* it is possible, if the compressor goes bad, for Amana to replace the entire condensing unit rather than the compressor. *On select systems. Always check with the manufacturer about warranties and read the fine print.

Amana Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Select features

Various features of selected Amana condensing units include:

  • High-efficiency scroll compressors in select Amana condensing units
  • Compressor sound blankets in select Amana condensing units
  • Select Amana condensing units have a top that is engineered to be quiet
  • Various Amana condensing units are Energy Star rated
  • Select Amana condensing units are certified by AHRI
  • Various Amana condenser have variable-speed compressors which are ultra efficient
  • Select Amana condensers have Variable-Speed ECM Condenser Fan Motor which also extra efficiency
  • Excellent warranties above industry standard

  • Amana Warranties 96% 96%
  • Amana Quality 95% 95%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 85% 85%
  • Amana Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 99% 99%
  • Overall Amana Opinion from a Technical Perspective 95% 95%

Remember, if you are replacing the condenser only it should match the air handler and indoor coil. Mismatched systems will not operate properly and could likely cause serious issues that will give you terrible performance results for efficiency and negatively effect the longevity of the equipment. The contractor should know all this and properly match the new condenser with the old air handler for optimum results.

Amana Condensing Units Reviews - Professional Opinion

Amana has come a long way since they first began offering HVAC equipment several years ago. Goodman owns the HVAC line of Amana products so a lot of Goodman’s engineering methods go into the Amana condensing units and most of their HVAC equipment. They a very good dealer network so parts are usually close when something goes wrong and you need a repair. They also, at most of the dealers I have dealt with, have training programs for their technicians to hone their skills on HVAC systems and the Amana line of HVAC products. I have also heard great things about their technical support people that will actually visit the technician in the field to resolve technical problems as necessary.

Again, with all of my opinions I always stress the importance of installation over the brand name. It is very important to have the system installed correctly and maintained on a regular schedule.

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Amana Condensing Units Reviews - History

Amana was founded in 1934 in Amana, Iowa by George Foerstner making beverage coolers. Amana started making walk-in coolers for grocery stores and restaurants and continued on making these units until after WW II when they came out with the innovative Radarange which was the first portable countertop microwave oven. Later Amana was acquired by Maytag and now produces HVAC equipment under license from Goodman Manufacturing out of Houston, Texas.

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Amana Condensing Units Reviews

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