York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings 5/5 (1)

York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings

York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer RatingsYork Heat Pump Reviews – York offers heat pumps with efficiency ranges from 13 SEER 7.7 HSPF to 18 SEER 9.4 HSPF. Ask many questions if you are considering buying a York heat pump or any other York product for that matter. Some features of York heat pumps are:

  • heat pump condensers can come in custom colors including various college sports teams logos
  • two-stage compressors in select York heat pumps
  • Low RPM ECM condenser fan motor to help reduce airflow noise
  • Capacity ranges from 1.5 tons to 5 tons making York heat pumps ideal for residential and light commercial use’
  • can be used with gas furnaces when the dual fuel option is added
  • Selected models use R-410A refrigerant

York Heat Pump Reviews – Various York Models

York has a top of the line heat pump they call the Affinity™ which has a two-stage compressor for two-stage operation. Other manufacturers are slowly changing their line of premium equipment over to modulating compressors where the system will modulate from 20 percent to 100 percent based on demand. York has not made it there yet but will likely soon follow the competition. I have seen York equipment out in the field and I have no reason to question the quality of the equipment. It works fine and is as good as the next manufacturer.

Always do your homework and ask a lot of questions. Buying a new air conditioner or heat pump is a major purchase and it is especially important that the system be installed properly so choose a good HVAC contractor to do the installation. Preferably a contractor that is recommended by the manufacturer.

York Heat Pump Reviews Conclusion

One word of note about York heat pumps and other products – They do not list much technical information about features for their heat pumps. I have always known York to offer quality products. Ask a lot of questions and encourage them to provide you with specific information so that you can make an informed decision about buying from them.

For more information on York and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the York website.

Heat Pump Reviews

York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings

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  1. Submitted by Ron on 2015/05/16 at 11:30 am
    The problem is 90% of the time or greater it is not the equipment, it is the installing contractor. They did not install the correct size or correct match-up, or do not have the correct return air duct size, or supply air sizing, or the correct ref. charge and ect.. If they are not knowledgeable enough to size, match, or install the equip. correctly they sure are not knowledgeable enough to diagnose and repair it correctly. To many people put the blame on the eguip. manuf. when it should be on the installing or service contractor or personnel.

  2. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    YORK affinity heat pump

    Reviewed by larry milly January 27, 2010
    YORK affinity heat pump

    I had york model yzh03611b heat pump installed in sept. of 2008 the first time it got cold out it would freeze up and quit working. Two years latter and over 20 service calls later and electric bills over 500 dollars it still freeze’s up.York is horrible to deal with no one will answer the phone when they do you get the usual corp. run around. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

  3. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    York air handler condensor bad after only 2 years!

    Reviewed by Jamie Brown January 03, 2010
    York air handler condensor bad after only 2 years!

    York air handler condensor bad after only 2 years! I found out this is a common problem with this air handler unit, manufacturing defect, it developed a hole in the bend of the coils. York will not respond to e-mails but they did honor the 3 year warranty for parts only, but it still cost me $625.00 for labor. I will NOT buy another from them. It is true about being very hard to find info on their units. I live west of Atlanta, GA in case someone wants to pick this apart.

  4. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    York condensor unit YZH06011

    Reviewed by Randy Brown December 30, 2009
    York condensor unit YZH06011

    This unit worked well for air conditioning. However I had a 12 year old Lennox which had not given me a moments trouble. My furnace failed and I needed heat. I switched to heat at yhe end of Oct 2009 as it ws mild until then. I have had nothing but trouble and have been running on aux heat. I could have installed electric for MUCH less but I wanted to use less electricity.
    It maybe poorly installed.

  5. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    I like the York Heat Pump

    Reviewed by R Combs November 25, 2009
    I like the York Heat Pump

    Quiet and super efficient, a high quality product. I bought the York because of the lifetime compressor warranty and all warranties transfer to a new owner should I sell my house. It uses a scroll compressor and 410 refrigerant. I have my set point to switch to my York modulating gas furnace at temps lower than 25 degrees.
    I thought your review of the York modulating furnace mean spirited and rather ignorant. York has achieved the highest AFUE rating at 98%. Same methodology used to test other brands. It appears that you don’t believe that the testing was accurate and fair. You resort to attacking York and it’s executive’s ethics and morals. Shame!!!

    Editors Note – This subject has been discussed extensively among my peers and I am still skeptical about Yorks claim but I will not say it is not impossible to get that rating whether it is from AHRI or another testing agency and even if they used an acceptable test or not. The fact is the test for gas furnaces was in question by the National Institute of Standards and even among people in ASHRAE who actually set the standards for testing. The 98% claim was made before the accepted testing for modulating furnaces was put into place. Despite your comments I stand behind my comments about what I wrote and the consensus among my discussions with everyone is nearly unanimous. I work as a test engineer myself and so many of my peers are engineers in the HVAC and electrical industry. Gas has additives in it along with trash and moisture so the purity of the gas (what the people pay for) is not 100% gas. If I spend a dollar for gas but only get 97% pure gas then I can only expect to get a maximum 97% efficiency. I loose 3% because of the trash and other stuff. Now measure the heat loss up up the flue and that decreases the efficiency even more. The math does not add up but giving York the benefit of the doubt I am doing some research about this matter and my opinion is yet to be determined concerning this matter. I have removed the caution alert from the review of the gas furnace. I would also like to say before being critical in the future for anyone give a technical reason why you think this is incorrect. This is a technical subject and I have clearly explained myself so I expect if someone was going to be critical about my review that they would disprove me using technical logic rather than hyperbole.

  6. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    York high efficiency heat pump and gas furnace

    Reviewed by Graham Whidden March 16, 2009
    York high efficiency heat pump and gas furnace

    Equipment is good, installation and set up is critical to reduce interior noise levels. Copious technical literature on York website but unclear to a lay person on hot heat pump and 2 stage operation. to York will not talk to user directly on problems.

  7. I had a York Affinity 8 series installed in 2011 in southern California (i.e. it doesn’t get heavy use). I had the system maintained annually by professionals. In year 4 the system failed to kick on. It was identified that 3 different parts had failed simultaneously. While the parts were covered under the warranty, labor to replace the parts cost 25% of the original unit price! GASP! I called York several times to see if they’d do anything to offset such a high cost as this points to poor quality and potential for future problem, but they repeatedly declined. Buyer Beware!

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