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York Air Conditioner Reviews – Consumer Ratings

York Air Conditioner ReviewsYork Air Conditioner Reviews – York makes a full line of air conditioning systems ranging in sizes from 1.5 tons all the way up to the monster systems that serve large commercial buildings. Their residential air conditioner systems range in various sizes enough to handle residential and light commercial applications with efficiency ranges from 13 SEER to 18 SEER. The typical York air conditioner uses the new ozone friendly refrigerant R-410A but there are air conditioner models which you can purchase that use R-22 which soon be phased out.

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Various features of selected air conditioner models are:

  • Top of the line York air conditioners use two-stage Scroll compressors
  • York air conditioners are engineered to be quiet systems
  • Air conditioner models only available with R-410A
  • Corrosion resistant for durability in selected models
  • Maintenance free fan motor in selected air conditioner systems

York Air Conditioner Reviews – Consumer Ratings

One word of note about York air conditioners and other products – I have always known York to offer quality products however what I am reading in their sales brochures and sales literature seems to be a lot of hype with no specifics. In the past I had problems with some of York’s claims and the testing used to rate efficiency and the information available through normal resources about York products. York has changed their literature and their website and now offer much more information than before. Some manufacturers list certain features and claim that feature is the best thing since sliced bread however when you do the research you find it is no different than any other manufacturer feature with a different name. It is all about making a better widget and making it look better than another. I’m glad York got things straightened out.

We have many other related articles. Please use the search feature to the right to help you find other related articles.

For more information on York and their latest models and efficiency ratings visit the York website.

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York Air Conditioner Reviews – Consumer Ratings

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  1. Admin Transfer from old reviews site: Reviewer Stuart on 10/13/2014

    I have two York units. One for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Our house was a brand new construction. In three years I am now on my 5th coil. They fail repeatedly for no good reason that anyone can determine. I will never, ever, purchase a York product again and I will strongly encourage everyone I know to avoid them at all costs.

  2. Admin Transfer from old reviews site: Reviewer – Maynard on 8/27/2013

    Coil failure on central A/C after 2 seasons. Will take 3 weeks to ship Warranty coil from York. BAD NEWS. Do not consider a York. Dealer/Installer dropped them.

  3. Admin Transfer from old reviews site.
    Home owner
    written by Fordster, September 05, 2010
    Do not buy a York , shuts down 5600.00 for a unit they can’t fix. Have contacted a lawyer after one year of replacing circuit board 5 times. They do not know how to fix it.

  4. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Paula N

    Reviewed by Paula N May 23, 2010
    Paula N

    York’s are god awful horrible a/c units. York has made my home a MISERABLE place to live. Two units installed three years ago. Multiple failures on each unit. Both have had coils replaced and one has had compressor replaced. Multiple times both units have had to be re-charged and they could find no leaks. In fact the larger unit is broken AGAIN right now. I think this is service call number 12 for failures in three years. They do seem to be efficient when they are working. And I am seeing some pretty low electric bills when they ARE NOT working—– ahhhh, the true benefit of a York.

  5. Admin Transfer
    York has been great so far.

    Reviewed by Adam September 03, 2010
    York has been great so far.

    York heat pump was installed in my home new in 2003. It has run great since day one. The only service it has ever needed was a capacator replacement on the indoor fan motor, which I have been told by my service technician is a common electrical repair on any system after about 5-7 years. Other than that it has been absolutely trouble free, and I would recommend York to anyone, just make sure you are confident with your installer. I have heard time and again that the installer makes a much bigger difference on the performance of a system over time that the brand does.

  6. Admin Transfer
    York is the best brand in the world

    Reviewed by David L. S. October 02, 2010
    York is the best brand in the world

    I have had a York 15 ton air handler with the accompanying condensing unit for 15 years in my house, and it still works great! Working as a part-time AC technician, I have had quiet some experience with several brands, however, none compares to York in reliability, effieciency and user-friendly design. While other manufactures may lure customers with cheap prices and special features, York has always remained true to its standards and has engineered anything between a window ac and a liquid chiller to be a masterpiece, which offers supreme reliability, efficiency, and design. However, regarding the lack of details in brochures, I believe that an average customer will not have enough knowledge and interest to understand and really make use of it. Nevertheless a detailed technical specs brochure for any York model is available on either York’s or Johnson Control’s website.

    Having said this, I can only recommend a York system to anyone.

  7. Have 2 x 14 Seer York AC Units for 15 years (Suprise AZ), have service contract with local AZ HVAC contractor. ‘Knock on wood’ NO PROBLEMS. Had been thinking about proactively replacing ACs, gas heater and Water heater because of age. Again NO PROBLEMS. Very disappointed with reviews across the board all brands ratings range from reluctant 1 star to 5 star, plenty of horror stories and no help from manufacturer, yikes. Ingersol Rand owns several companies Trane etc now made south of the border. If a Phoenix metro dealer reads this and has REAL QUALITY INSTALL RECORD AND NO HORROR STORIES CONTACT ME (sorry but we deleted your email address for a few reasons but mainly for your personal protection as web spiders eat non-encrypted email addresses and flood you with spam)

  8. I purchased my York 5 ton, model YZH06011CA, air conditioning system 3.5 years ago during a new construction build. We chose York because we believed they were a good quality choice and did not skimp on the a/c unit because this was an investment into a problem free 10+ years of service. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered our choice was not the best. Within a year, we had to have the capacitor replaced in the compressor. Apparently this is a common problem according to the service technician. We began noticing our a/c did not seem to be working efficiently, as the humidity levels were higher and the house no longer stayed cool when running the oven; not to mention a rise in our electric bill. The service technician found we were low on freon. While investing the source of the leak, he discovered our 3.5 year old coils were severely rusted and allowing the freon to escape inside the house. To add insult to injury, I’m told the $100 diagnostic fee, the $70 freon lost due to the defect and the $150 shipping fee for the defected 3.5 year old rusted coils are my expenses. When I called the York consumer customer service line I got the expected polite, “not our problem” line. I very nicely (aware of the old saying you catch more bees with honey) asked to speak to a supervisor hoping if I explained the extent of the defect maybe they might stand by their product. The supervisor was snippy and patronizing as she essentially told me they don’t really care because it’s not their problem. I only wished I’d done more homework on their product quality and customer service. I hope this helps someone else doing their research. I’d tell you Do not purchase a York or any Johnson Control products. My service tech told me most local businesses won’t even sell a York anymore because of these type of problems. I’m now wondering if anyone has had any luck filing a small claims case as a result of a similar problem.

    1. Refrigerant leaks are common issues among all brands. Coils do not rust but they do corrode and that could be a part of the environment where you live e.g. – the coast in salty air. If you live in a corrosive friendly environment such as close to the ocean then I always recommend purchasing the coils that have been treated with corrosion prevention. These can be ordered from the factory or a can of special corrosion prevention coating (just for HVAC) can be purchased and the coils coated to prevent future corrosion. Additionally, keep animals from urinating (some dogs think it is a fire hydrant) on the equipment as this also causes serious corrosion issues.

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